One Piece Box Set Volume 1: Volumes 1-23 with Premium (One Piece Box Sets)

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One Piece Box Set Volume 1: Volumes 1-23 with Premium (One Piece Box Sets)

One Piece Box Set Volume 1: Volumes 1-23 with Premium (One Piece Box Sets)

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I finally decided to reread One Piece from the beginning in color. My rating is completely pointless, though, as I've been reading One Piece since I was 9 and I still think it's a masterpiece.

Whiskey Peak: 7/10; this ones ok. Better for establishing some stuff and for a couple great Zoro and Nami moments, than as a stand-alone standout arc. Loguetown: 8/10; this ones cool, establishes a lot of important stuff and we meet some good characters. It’s a transitional arc though so it never really transcends that status and Buggy/Alvida are still on the lame side.Although I always hear that the beginning is pretty rough to reread, I actually enjoyed most of this a lot. I will be honest and say I skipped Coby and Alvida's introductions, cause I've read those chapters so many times and I'm not a big fan of them. I think

Little Garden: 8/10; the giant stuff and Usopp stuff is great. Sanji is cool here, and Baroque Works finally starts to feel like a threat. Romance Dawn: 8/10; I love the Luffy origin story stuff, and it’s great to see some of the seeds that get planted so early and Zoro’s introduction. The villains are kinda so-so but I enjoyed it overall. I also have to highlight the absolute craft of the author who is clearly a master at his work. He strikes perfect balance with his characters that are so colourful and camp while not totally ridiculous; the stuff he comes up with is terribly imaginative and charming, be it the powers, animals like the bowing bear (my absolute favourite), the world or the characters...

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While at first I found the manga to be simply okay, the more I read, the more I grew to like it and while I found the first few arcs to be generic shounen (2 to 3 stars worthy), the Baroque Works arc was absolutely phenomenal and earned the current 5 stars!

Zoro's introduction is spectacular, though. Sets up Coby and Helmeppo casually, the Marines as a if not corrupt then definitely doubtful organization and Zoro as an absolute badass. Alabasta: 10/10; another OP peak. Great villains, great stakes, and some solid plot twists. Really enjoyed this as a kid and love it now as well I can see how this shaped all the other shounens after it but, based on what I've read, no other manga have been able to totally recapture the surprising magic that is cast here. I, myself, can't really put my finger on what makes this work so appealing.

Syrup Village: 5/10; not the best intro for Ussop but I really like Django. Also like the Gaimon one shot story that takes place around here I think I read most, if not all, of these volumes as a kid but it was great fun starting my catch up by a re-read. The series is way better than I expected it to be, now that I’m all grown up.

The ending is fine and I like Vivi staying in Alabasta not because she's completely useless but because having a character tag along for a while without needing to join the crew is a really good idea. Especially cause this series relies really heavily on character interactions, so introducing nee people for the crew to interact with is always pleasant. Orange Town: 6/10; establishes some cool recurring motifs of One Piece. I like the dog subplot and good intro to Nami. In retrospect though, there’s so much, especially about Buggy, that’s just not well fleshed out yet Buggy and Nami introduction is awesome as well. Luffy shows off and Zoro is still insane. Buggy + Luffy is always great and Nami is pretty cool, but doesn't properly shine till Arlong's Palace. Arlong Park: 10/10; the first high point of the series. Excellent stuff both in terms of fight sequences, characterization, and themes. Features some of the best scenes in early One Piece.

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