Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources

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Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources

Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources

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A Sufi saint of the twentieth century: Shaikh Ahmad al-°Alawi, his spiritual heritage and legacy ( Islamic Texts Society, 1993) ISBN 0-946621-50-0 The Book of Certainty: The Sufi Doctrine of Faith, Wisdom and Gnosis signed as Abu Bakr Siraj ad-Din. Cambridge, Islamic Texts Society, 1992 (1st ed. 1952).

Symbol & Archetype: A Study of the Meaning of Existence (1991, 2006), Fons Vitae Quinta Essentia series, ISBN 1-870196-05-8 a b c d e "Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources: Revised Edition: Martin Lings (Abu Bakr Siraj Ad-Din)". Islamic . Retrieved 1 July 2013. Asma Asfaruddin said the book is a rare example of "a gift of narration wedded to impeccable scholarship". [12]

From then on, he wrote constantly. For Muslims, his masterpiece was Muhammad: His Life Based On The Earliest Sources (1983), for which he was decorated by Zia al-Haq, then president of Pakistan.

AMJAD, NAUMANA (2005). "Dr Martin Lings: Some Personal Recollections". Islamic Studies. 44 (3): 459–462. ISSN 0578-8072.

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mereka bertanya kepada Rasulullah mengenai tiga hal, pemuda yang melarikan diri ke gua (Ashhabul Kahfi), pemimpin pasukan yang menguasai Timur dan Barat (Dzulqarnain), dan soal ruh. Maka, di tengah kesenjangan generasi masa kini akan keteladanan Rasulnya, buku ini dapat menjadi oase yang menyejukkan sekaligus pohon ilmu yang buahnya siap kita petik setiap saat. Lings menghadirkan sosok Muhammad di depan kita secara otentik. Wa Allahu a’lam.[] Susilo Wibisono, S.Psi., M.Si Upon its first edition, the book was subject to criticism by some Muslims who decried the "Perennialist poison" in the book. The author gave public answer in a Saudi newspaper to the objections. [13] Awards [ edit ] Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources by Martin Lings". Archived from the original on 24 July 2008 . Retrieved 6 February 2007. Lings advocates applying the title of Furqan not only to the Quran but to “every revealed Scripture” (XXV, 76, 1). This is arguable if he means the word furqan in a metaphorical generic sense of separating truth from error. However, it is fair to say he means it literally so as to deny the exclusivity of the Quran as an universal Message among all revealed Scriptures and also the exclusivity of its abrogating status of all other Scriptures for all time, since he actually grants neither superiority nor abrogating-status to the Prophet Mu In 1939, Lings went to Cairo, Egypt, to visit a friend who was an assistant of René Guénon. Soon after arriving in Cairo, his friend died and Lings began studying Arabic. Cairo became his home for over a decade; he became an English language teacher at the University of Cairo and produced Shakespeare plays annually. [5] Lings married Lesley Smalley in 1944 and lived with her in a village near the pyramids. [6] Despite having settled comfortably in Egypt, Lings was forced to leave in 1952 after anti-British disturbances. [7] Lings in 1948.

Among his 12 books was The Eleventh Hour (1987), a profound study of the spiritual crisis of the mod- ern world, for which he had prepared the ground with Ancient Beliefs And Modern Superstitions (1965), and What Is Sufism? (1975), a corrective to many mis- understandings about this aspect of Islam. Symbol And Archetype: A Study Of The Meaning Of Existence (1991) demonstrated his grasp of traditional symbolism.Garuda itu boleh jadi siapapun yang telah melampaui perjuangan berat untuk generasinya, namun nilai-nilai ajarannya terlupakan oleh generasi yang diperjuangkannya. Muhammad yang oleh Hart diletakkan sebagai manusia paling berpengaruh sepanjang sejarah peradaban, seringkali hanya dikenal namanya oleh generasi Muslim saat ini. Berapa besar generasi Muslim masa kini yang memahami masa kanak-kanak dan remaja Muhammad? Berapa besar generasi Muslim masa kini yang paham sosiologi masyarakat bertumbuhnya Sang Nabi? Berapa besar generasi masa kini yang mampu menghayati ajaran cintanya di tengah kecaman dan boikot kaumnya sendiri? Boleh jadi, Muhammad bagi generasi masa kini adalah “Garuda” yang dijunjung tanpa cinta, dibacakan shalawat oleh lisan namun tanpa hati, dijadikan legitimasi oleh kehausan akan kekuasaan. Dijadikan hiasan maya, bukan oleh siapa-siapa, tapi umatnya sendiri, yang atas nama Muhammad mereka menebar kebencian. Dipuja tapi dihina, dipuja oleh lisan mereka, disanjung oleh motif industri, dinyanyikan dalam pita-pita rekaman, namun diamdiam dalam hati, mereka mengeluh karena merasa berat menjalankan apa yang diwasiatkan. Muhammad, nama yang tak akan pernah lekang dalam labirin zaman. Meski gelombang sejarah terus bergemuruh melempar dan meninggalkan buihnya, nama itu adalah karang yang tak tergoyahkan. Ribuan karya tak akan mampu menampung keagungan karakternya, insan pilihan sepanjang zaman. Sebagai fisik manusia, ia telah hidup lima belas abad yang lalu di sebuah jazirah, sebagai energi dan ruh, ia tak pernah mati, dan tak akan pernah. Manusia intan, begitu sebagian umatnya menyebut namanya. Meskipun intan, ia menyatukan dirinya bersama kerikil-kerikil. Menjadi pendamping mereka yang dipinggirkan oleh arus kekuasaan setiap zaman. Bagai sebuah syi’ir di mushola kecil sebuah desa: Muhammadun Basyarun Laisa Kal Basyari Kanjeng Nabi Muhammad Iku manungso, nanging ora koyo lumrahe His contribution to Shakespeare scholarship was to point out the deeper esoteric meanings found in Shakespeare's plays, and the spirituality of Shakespeare himself. More recent editions of Lings's books on Shakespeare include a foreword by Charles, Prince of Wales. [11] Just before his death he gave an interview on this topic, which was posthumously made into the film Shakespeare's Spirituality: A Perspective. An Interview With Dr. Martin Lings. [12] Books [ edit ] The biography has gone through many reprints in English and it has been translated and published into many languages [4] including French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, Malay and Tamil.

Review by Dr Asma Afsaruddin, Indiana University. Quoted by Reza Shah-Kazemi in "A Truly Holy Soul", Q-News no. 363, June 2005 [ permanent dead link]. Asma Asfaruddin (July 1996). "Review: [Untitled] Reviewed Work: Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources by Martin Lings". Middle East Studies Association Bulletin. 30 (1): 65. Bal Huwa yaquutu baina al ahjari Dene Kanjeng Nabi iku koyo inten, campur karo watu, watu dudu inten Kanjeng Nabi itu laksana intan diantara bebatuan Buletin Al-Islamiyah Media Kajian dan Dakwah Universitas Islam Indonesia Khalid Yahya writes that Lings' book brings early Islamic accounts, many of which are scattered, into a single narrative according to Ibn Ishaq's chronological scheme. According to Yahya, Lings successfully presents what most Muslims believe, and have believed throughout history, about Muhammad. [10] W. Montgomery Watt agrees that Lings' book gives an idea of how Muhammad is seen by Muslims. He points out that the book was based on the earliest Islamic sources, and where there is a difference of opinion in those sources, the book takes the most widely accepted view; and that Lings simply accepts the early Islamic sources without discussing their value. [11]

Yahya, Khalid A. "Review of Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources, by M. Lings". Middle East Studies Association Bulletin. 19 (1): 68-69. The Spectator described the book as "an enthralling story that combines impeccable scholarship with a rare sense of the sacred worthy of his subject." The Islamic Quarterly called the book "a true work of art, as enthralling as the best novels with the difference that this is not fiction but fact." [8] The Times said "this work is widely recognized as the most readable account of the life of the Prophet to date." [4] Parabola stated that "for those interested in Islam in one way or another, it is mesmerizing." [9] Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources is a 1983 biography of the Islamic prophet Muhammad by Martin Lings.

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