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The Lake House

The Lake House

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After Sadie stumbles upon Loeanneth, she’s drawn to it, returning daily and “no matter which way she headed out on her morning run, she always ended up in the overgrown garden.” (p. 135) What is it about Loeanneth that intrigues Sadie? Why do you think she dives head first into solving the mysteries of the estate? This reading group guide for The Lake House includes an introduction, discussion questions, and ideas for enhancing your book club. The suggested questions are intended to help your reading group find new and interesting angles and topics for your discussion. We hope that these ideas will enrich your conversation and increase your enjoyment of the book. One day when Sadie is out running with the dogs she stumbles across.. one of the dogs actually.. stumbles across the old Lake House that belonged to the Edevane family. It still had stuff inside, like everyone just dropped everything and left.

The Lake House Quotes by Kate Morton - Goodreads The Lake House Quotes by Kate Morton - Goodreads

Keanu Reeves as Alex Wyler, a young architect who designs suburban condominiums. He has a strained relationship with his father Simon, a renowned but egocentric architect. Alex moves into the lake house even though he hates it and its impractical design.

It was Daddy who’d insisted on employing Adam on the estate. ‘He’s got a job here for life,’ she’d overheard him saying to Mr Harris, his voice reedy with the strength of his feeling. ‘I’ve told you that before. As long as he needs it, there’s a place here for young Adam.’ Morton sets her novel over two time periods. The events that led up to, and followed on from, the tragedy in the early to mid-twentieth century are narrated by many of the key players: young Alice, her mother, her father, her grandmother, a gardener, a close family friend and even baby Theo; what occurs in 2003 is told by Sadie, Alice and her assistant, Peter. And while the time periods are clearly indicated at the start of the chapters, the style of prose, the descriptions and dialogue also reflect this. There was no question of the old woman moving with them to London, but she couldn’t be abandoned either. Not entirely. Eleanor searched all over before she finally found Seawall. It was expensive, but worth every penny . . . ‘It’s just right,’ Eleanor had said, signing the admission forms. And it was. Just and right. The unrelenting sound of the ocean for the rest of her days had been precisely what Constance deserved.”

The Lake House | Book by Kate Morton | Official Publisher The Lake House | Book by Kate Morton | Official Publisher

Kate Morton has cited Enid Blyton’s The Enchanted Wood as the book that most influenced her to become a writer, saying “when I look at the books I write now, I can see her lingering influence.” Read The Enchanted Wood with your book club and discuss it within the context of The Lake House. Do you see the influence of Blyton’s writing in The Lake House? Do the books have anything in common? If so, what? Well, Alice decided as she watched the young man walking up the driveway, Laura would just have to wait. There were other matters come to hand. I was surprised with the ending, but not necessarily satisfied. I think I expected more. After all of those hours, I was left thinking "That's it?". Underwhelmed is probably the best descriptor of my feelings after finishing this book. Kate may be imagining Alex at the end. It is at least more feasible than the other, straightforward suggestion. Movies like ‘ The Butterfly Effect‘ and ‘ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind‘ tell us that there is nothing straightforward about time warp movies, and this one is no different. Kate may be dreaming in the final moments and even for most of the story. Towards the end of the story, Kate attempts to escape the illusion when she tells Alex how she thought him up. You may remember how after grabbing food with her mother at Daley Plaza, Kate experienced a nasty accident. While Kate Morton has written several highly praised novels, I’m embarrassed to admit this is the first of her books I have read. So, I had no idea what to expect when I started reading this one, but I had a feeling I was going to like it.Her grandparents hadn’t had dogs when they’d lived in London; Ruth had been allergic. But after Ruth died and Bertie retired to Cornwall, he’d floundered. ‘I’m doing all right,’ he’d told Sadie down the whistling phone line. ‘I like it here. I keep busy during the day. The nights are quiet, though; I find myself arguing with the telly. Worse, I have a strong suspicion I’m losing.’ So what was there to hate about this novel, it was too descriptive and way too drawn out. But the biggest disappointment of all was the contrived and fairytale ending It was so bad I wanted to fling my kindle across the room. It felt like the author got bored and just wanted out. There was also a few incidents in the story where you would have to seriously suspend belief.

The Lake House by Kate Morton | Goodreads

Seventy-years later from the tragedy of the Edevane family losing their little boy, DC Sadie Sparrow comes to Cornwall to visit her grandfather. She need, or rather was told, to take some time off from a big case she was working on. She decided to see her grandfather who raised her, him and her grandmother, who has passed. It had been almost a whole year since she’d first laid eyes on him. He’d arrived at Loeanneth late in the summer of 1932, during that glorious dry stretch when, with all the excitement of Midsummer behind them, there’d been nothing left to do but surrender themselves to the soporific heat. A divine spirit of indolent tranquillity had descended on the estate so that even Mother, eight months pregnant and glowing pink, had taken to unbuttoning her pearl cuffs and rolling her silk sleeves to the elbow. But of course one does not need to have commited murder to write about it. One simply requires an aquaintance with man's dark depths, and the inclination to explore them to their very end. Besides, haven't we all experienced the desire to kill, if only for a moment? " Thinking about the stories and histories in The Lake House, what themes were most interesting to you?

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I LOVED exploring the estate and finding the clues of the case with Sadie and finding things that were left by the family. I would have loved to live on the estate as well as to b I love how much attention she pays to including even very small details. I appreciate this so much, because it makes everything seem more realistic to me.

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