Hoover HF522STH Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with ANTI-TWIST (Single Battery), Grey & Red

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Hoover HF522STH Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with ANTI-TWIST (Single Battery), Grey & Red

Hoover HF522STH Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with ANTI-TWIST (Single Battery), Grey & Red

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The flour test is just as problematic for some vacuums, but the Hoover HF500 performed well here, too. On hard floors, it collected 98% of the flour I spilled in a single pass, leaving only a very light but still visible dusting behind. At 0.45l, the collection bin is relatively compact for a full-size cordless, so you can be pretty certain that it will need emptying at the end of most significant cleaning jobs. And then this picture was taken just today after two weeks of daily use which included the vacuuming of my bedroom which was the real test as that is where I dry my (very long) hair. As you can see there is only a few strands of hair wrapped around the centre where there is a break in the roller strip. This was easily snipped off in a couple of seconds and compared to my hair getting wrapped up in vacuums in the past this is absolutely nothing! I was dubious about the anti hair wrap working at all and it really exceeded my expectations. I can also see how much it’s working when I empty the dust canister as it’s visibly full of hair. I spend hours every year having to remove hair from my corded vacuum cleaner so I was really intrigued to see how the anti twist feature would work. According to Hoover’s stats, the HF500’s battery life ranges from 10 minutes in Turbo to 25 minutes in standard power brush mode to 45 minutes in auto mode (no power brush, no Turbo) – and our timed testing sessions fully supported these figures. If anything, they’re slightly under-estimated. Besides, we found you can get a lot of cleaning done in 45 minutes and ran out of surfaces to vacuum before the battery ran out!

Hoover HF500 anti-twist review - Makes, Bakes and Decor Hoover HF500 anti-twist review - Makes, Bakes and Decor

The power level indicator on the vacuum is a simple LED crescent by the handle, and it blinks from white to red when there’s only 10% of juice remaining. It would be nice to have a bit more warning. For me this is a really important feature as we have a large space and I really don’t want to have to stop to charge halfway through my vacuuming. As an experiment I charged it once and waited to see how long the battery would last. I managed to vacuum up the entire downstairs (porch, hallway, living room, dining room, kitchen, utility and shower room) three times before I needed to charge again. On another test I was also able to vacuum all three floors on one charge! Anti-Twist floor head Need to clean up a dropped bag of crisps in the car? No problem! Dust gathering on the stairs? Easily solved with the crevice or dust and furniture tool. Plenty of accessories that get the job done I loved the previous model of this Hoover and I am pleased to say that this version is even better! The HF500 boasts a number of features that sets it apart from other cordless vacuums on the market. It’s extremely lightweight and compactThis Hoover is so light! Once I had put it together I was so surprised, this is the most lightweight vacuum I have ever used. We live in a three storey house and it’s no fun lugging a heavy vacuum up two flights of stairs so this is brilliant for us. It’s compact size also makes storing it easy too. It stands upright on it’s own, you can make it shorter to go in a cupboard or it also comes with a wall mount so you can hang it up. How does it work? Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the cleaning, so to speak. We tested the HF500 with our usual suite of challenging tests, spilling both flour and Cheerios on both carpet and hard floor, then measuring how much the vacuum collects on a single pass. After testing out the HF500 Anti Twist Pets in my bedroom (where most of my hair accumulates) I can confirm that the amount of hair in the floorhead was much, much less than when using my corded vacuum! What’s the battery life like? READ NEXT: The best Dyson vacuum cleaners Hoover HF500 Anti-Twist Cordless Vacuum Cleaner review: What’s it like to use?

HOOVER HF500 Anti Twist Home Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Currys

What it doesn’t have is a fluffy roller for hard floor cleaning. You can switch off the rotating brush bar if you’re working on delicate floors, but you can’t switch it out for an alternative. With a large LED light strip on the front and compact parking position this vacuum has all the features you need including a 2in1 furniture and dusting tool along with a mini power nozzle which is ideal for pet owners when cleaning upholstery. The HF500 anti-twist hoover is lightweight (2.2kg or 1.7kg in handheld mode) and can be easily carried around the house. I love that the vacuum adapts to my needs. I could use it as a tall vacuum, as well as a handheld cleaning device, for the couch. I even carried it to the car park and cleaned the interior of the car. In use, I found the battery needed recharging regularly, making the HF500 best suited to small spaces and lighter jobs. Hoover quotes the battery life at up to 45 minutes, but I assume that’s only possible with the motorised floor head switched off. With the floor head powered, I found the vacuum lasted 26 mins 10 secs – which, as you can see from the chart below, is one of the weakest battery performances you’ll find among similarly priced vacuums.If you need an affordable cordless vacuum from a trusted brand, then the Hoover HF9 Cordless Vacuum would make a solid choice. It's really easy to use and charge, and has suction power that will do everything you need it to. Společnost Hoover nabízí široký sortiment příslušenství a náhradních dílů pro váš spotřebič. Kontaktujte nás a vyhledejte kompatibilní příslušenství. In more relatable terms, there was always a reassuring amount of dirt in the bin once cleaning – a daily act – was complete. In fact, the bin nearly always needed emptying! As I previously mentioned, I particularly like using the dusting tool around the home and the crevice tool is perfect for those hard to reach spots where cobwebs and dust gather. It can be charged anywhere

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Granted, it might not have the odour-repelling features and the snazzy look of the Shark, but it's a solidly built vacuum that can banish dust and dirt from your space. It's also super user friendly, and fans of the Hoover brand will find the transition to cordlessness very freeing. Should you buy the Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with ANTI-TWIST™ HF9? Miraculously, the roller on the HF500 didn’t get enwrapped by one single hair – see images for comparison with our regular vacuum – following four weeks of vacuuming. Not one – which is amazing. And if anything else became trapped around the brushhead – a piece of cotton, string or ribbon, for example – then removal couldn’t be easier. You simply slide a catch on the top of the brushhead and the roller pulls out. No need to find a coin or screwdriver, or break a fingernail in the process. The new model boasts an anti twist floorhead which is meant to stop hairs getting tangled in the brush. As someone who has super long hair (and seems to lose an awful lot of it!) this is a game changer. Sound levels weren’t too bad: I measured the Hoover H-Free 500 at 78.8dB maximum on regular mode and 84.3dB on Turbo mode. This compares well with the competition. Should you buy the Hoover H-Free 500? Glide from room to room with ease with the universal floor head that features hard and soft bristles for a combination of floor types, simply press the carpet button to activate the rotating brush bar for a even deeper clean.As you can see from the chart below, the Hoover HF500 more or less holds its own in terms of suction power. However, it’s worth noting that the vacuum only has two power settings, where some rivals have three. For example, the Shark IZ300UKT has a standard power setting whose suction sits between its weakest and most powerful settings, designed for everyday cleaning. The HF500 has only standard and Turbo modes, so its standard suction is only a little better than the Shark model’s lightest, most economical setting. For better all-round cleaning performance, the Shark IZ300UKT proved stronger in our tests. This has a soft roller for hard floors and can fold up for compact storage. It also comes with a greater number of tools and attachments, although it’s usually a bit more expensive, too. Note that this model can’t stand unsupported when extended, though, so you’ll always need to find somewhere to prop it up mid-clean. Once assembled, the product works immediately (no need to charge the battery!) and can be used in a number of places: The first thing I noticed about the HF9 when putting it to the test is that it was noticeably lighter than the Shark Stratos (3.4kg compared to 4.07kg). If you struggle with mobility or carrying a heavy vacuum around for a long period of time, this might be a big help for you.

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