Talktools Honey Bear Drinking Cup with 2 Flexible Straws - Includes Instructions - Spill-proof Lid by TalkTools

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Talktools Honey Bear Drinking Cup with 2 Flexible Straws - Includes Instructions - Spill-proof Lid by TalkTools

Talktools Honey Bear Drinking Cup with 2 Flexible Straws - Includes Instructions - Spill-proof Lid by TalkTools

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This spoutless sippy cup for toddlers is beloved by so (SO!) many parents. Kids can drink from anywhere around the rim, so it’s incredibly easy to use … once they figure out how it works. (Note: It can take some kids a loooong time to figure this cup out, and others sail right through getting the hang of it.) It also has a newer Straw Cap option.

A: When your baby can successfully swallow a small amount of water from an open cup that you assist in holding. (They don’t need to be able to do it independently to learn a straw cup.)

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Made from medical grade materials that are FDA compliant - free from BPA, latex, lead, phthalates and PVC Step 1: Bring the straw trainer with water, breast milk, or formula to the table and offer the straw to your baby by holding it in front of their mouth. Often babies who may have already decided that they hate straw cups will happily accept this cute little bear! The take and toss cups are brightly colored and fun as well. We recommend introducing your child to a side sipping cup (with your assistance) around 6 months of age, as this is the time that your baby will begin to eat food. Remember, at 6 months old a baby does not need more than an ounce or so of water. But, offering water around this time will help flush down solid food during mealtime and will allow your baby to become more comfortable with the act of drinking from a cup. Question #1B: WHEN should I wean my baby off of the bottle?

Wait it out. If your baby is 6-8 months old and not interested in cup drinking, but otherwise interested in food and not upset by the cup, simply bring the cup to each meal and show your baby how it’s done. Give your baby time to show interest and try on their own. You may also like the Klean Kanteen 12-ounce Stainless-Steel Bottle.) Best Plastic Straw Cup: Lollacupor Munchkin Transitioning from bottles or breastfeeds to solid foods and liquids in a cup (basically eating and drinking like a big kid!) In this step, you will begin to teach your child that if you squeeze, the liquid will come out. To do this, pair your language with your actions. For example, “Squeeze the bear’s tummy.”&“Look, here comes the milk!”. Your child has already learned that the straw can go in their mouth and they can swallow. With the Honey Bear Cup, the idea is that when they see the milk coming up the straw, they will put their mouth to it. Honey Bear Straw Cup is the famous straw cup from Talk Tools. Our occupational therapist was attempting to get Noah to like the straw again close to his birthday. We attempted to use the honey bear, which I am sure a lot of you have used with huge success.We do not advise using sippy cups with a “spout”. These cups are similar to bottle nipples, therefore they do not promote a proper tongue placement or a mature swallow pattern.

Some kids use excessive jaw movements to get the liquid out of the cup. (This is called jaw protrusion.) Give baby a small amount of water in the cup and hand it to them with your hands over their hands (“hand-over-hand” technique).It’s been quite the journey to get him to this point. We started using a straw when Noah was 6 months old. It was slightly successful initially but then Noah started pushing the straws away and was not interested so I gave up for awhile. (Sometimes it’s best to give our kids a break so that learning newhabitsremain fun instead of becomingfrustrating; which ultimatelyhave the reverse effect from what we want.) We also like these Duralex glasses, which are incredibly durable and are juice glasses that the rest of the family can use, too. And we like this stainless-steel one that comes as part of a set from Kiddobloom. Best Insulated Cup for Kids: Hydroflask

months: Introduce a straw cup. We like to start with a honey bear straw cup (see recommendation below). You can squeeze the honey bottle to help move the liquid up the straw. This will allow your baby to become comfortable with a straw and learn how it works. ARK’s Bear Bottle is recommended for individuals who tend to aspirate or have difficulties generating and maintaining suction. Last summer, I invested in these cups for my two youngest kids to use when we’re outside in the summer, and they are totally awesome. They are easy to drink from, keep liquids cool, and are easy to clean. Do make sure to clean the straw often (as in take the straw off the base and clean it with the little brush it came with!). These stainless cups are fitted with a silicone sleeve so they’re easy to hold (even when cold), and they’re bright and fun. They are easy to clean, come in 8-ounce and 10-ounce sizes, and are very durable. I however was determined to have him off the bottle by 12 months. This is what I tell everyone else to do, so I better practice what I preach. I however realize that this is not possible for all children especially those with Down syndrome.

The Search For The Best Straw Cup

For many meals at home, we use open cups to let the kids practice their motor skills and because we want them to eventually drink from a regular cup. Practice makes perfect! Ezpz has a new tiny cup designed to be easy for babies and toddlers to hold and drink from. Some of the stainless-steel and glass cups are more expensive upfront, but they also tend to last for years. Chances are that unless you lose it, you’ll have a stainless-steel or glass cup for the duration of your toddler’s childhood—and beyond. We’ve had some of our cups for 9 years now and they still work just as well as they did when I first bought them. Best Overall: Lalo Little Cup There are a few cups out there that actually help bring the liquid up the straw. The "Mr. Juice Bear" therapy cup, or honey bear cup is made just to teach straw drinking. Although not made for this purpose, the take and toss straw cup has similar functionality and is less expensive. These cups have a very short shelf life because your baby basically outgrows it as soon as it does its job—which is to teach your baby how to drink from a straw! (Babies will also catch on that they can squeeze it and use it like a fire hose!) However, we mention it because it’s really effective for babies who are struggling with the straw. If this is your baby and the pipette method did not work, here’s how you can employ straw trainer cups like Mr. Juice Bear or a take and toss straw cup:

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