The Ghost That Haunted Itself: The Gruesome Ghoul of Edinburgh's Greyfriars Graveyard

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The Ghost That Haunted Itself: The Gruesome Ghoul of Edinburgh's Greyfriars Graveyard

The Ghost That Haunted Itself: The Gruesome Ghoul of Edinburgh's Greyfriars Graveyard

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Lots of speculation surrounded his disappearance. Some thought that he had survived the hanging and had risen again, others believed that he had been stolen at the anatomists’ pleasure ‘to make an anatomical dissection of’. A Further Body is Snatched The second mortsafe, having been restored in 2010 by the Greyfriars Kirkyard Trust with support from Edinburgh World Heritage, only has one original iron bar left in it. It’s nearly impossible to talk about Scotlands haunted locations without mentioning the most haunted graveyard in the world. A worrying amount of accidents occurred during the construction of the town hall in the 1800s, and one such accident saw two workers crushed by a pillar that became loose during installation. It is said that the deceased workmen can still be seen in The Great Hall – the room in which the accident took place – attempting to finish the job.

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Keep following the wall around as it loops (note: there may be fencing put up so you’ll have to walk the long way around to avoid stepping on people’s graves). Staff and visitors of the old school have reported hearing children’s voices, artefacts shifting on their own and inexplicable laughter echoing down the empty hallways. Greyfriars Kirkyard She has been seen gliding along with the top floors of the mansion, where she was imprisoned during the final years of her life. The building is also home to The Green Lady, who is believed to have been Thomas Holte’s housekeeper. Over 200 years old, the Lodge looks out over Lunan Bay in Angus and was built in the 1700s by a local minister. The Old Tay Bridge, across the Firth of Tay, was home to the worst ever bridge disaster in Britain.

Built in 1839, the Highgate Cemetery was purposeful in easing the burden death had placed on small church yard cemeteries, which were overflowing and causing health concerns. The Highgate soon became a popular way for families to lay their loved ones in peace, whilst displaying their wealth and importance through creating opulent Victorian style grave markers. Overgrown tombstones in the Highgate Cemetery, London.

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Southbrook Road derives its name from Childwall Brook, which once ran through the road on which 34 houses are now built, and the house which is purported to be the lair of the demon is situated on land which once belonged to the Ivy Farm –just one of the infamous spots where a sinister and ancient band of occultists known as the Lily-White Boys used to hold their bonfire rituals.” Additionally, throughout his adult life, he lived exclusively with his overbearing mother, Maybelle, who accompanied him everywhere — including the afterlife. Not long after she died in 1959, Webb claimed Maybelle often appeared in the form of an apparition at their plush Rexford Drive mansion in Beverly Hills. However, she wasn’t the only one.

Imprisoning and torturing over 1000 Scots in a make-shift prison in a field which was, at the time, next to the Kirkyard and which is now located in the kirkyard itself, many of the Covenanters imprisoned here suffered from the cruelty of this man. (See following entry) A cemetery unlike any other, Warstone Lane Cemetery is located in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and was constructed in 1848. Today, it is a Grade II on the Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest Register. While in New York to attend the premiere of his last film, he collapsed in his hotel on August 15, 1926. The great Valentino died eight days later from complications of a ruptured ulcer. An estimated crowd of 80,000 people lined the streets of Manhattan to pay their respects and nearly caused a riot. His body was then transported by train to California — and that’s when things got weird. Inglis would have certainly known about the antics of the body snatchers and the raids that possibility even his students went on each night to secure cadavers for the dissecting table. His liar then not only represents his status in society but also highlights his fear of a nocturnal visit from the resurrection men. Caged Lair of William Inglis | Greyfriars Kirkyard | Edinburgh

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Lots of Golden Galleons: The Balmoral Hotel has a massive Harry Potter connection as it was here where JK Rowling spent months in room 552 finishing the last novel of the franchise! The landlord in 1996 claimed the pub had been taken over by Chapman’s ghost and staff have reported unexplained gusts of wind and supernatural activity. My experience there left me with the impression that what I sensed could have been a ghostly reenactment of the funeral of the victims of the sinking. Just a feeling – no way to be definite. Little would you know that the house is in fact one of the National Trust’s most haunted properties.


Getting these rewards for the first time will give the player a "What just happened?" dialogue. (1% Chance.) Known worldwide for its links to Harry Potter and for being the most haunted graveyard in Edinburgh, if not the world, Greyfriars has its main entrance at the top of Candlemakers Row at No. 26A to be exact. Memento Mori | Greyfriars Kirkyard | Edinburgh From Drum Castle to The Old Tay Bridge, we have rounded up a few of the creepiest, most haunted spots thrill-seekers looking for a spooky experience should visit, but beware of the muffled screaming in the glens Drum Castle

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As part of her research for this 2009 novel, Niffenegger, author of The Time Traveler’s Wife, took a job as a tour guide at London’s Highgate cemetery. That’s the job she gives to Robert, who is the lover of first Elspeth, who dies of leukaemia, and Valentina, who is the daughter of Elspeth’s twin sister and who is herself half of a set of identical twins, with Julia. Like the more remote corners of your favourite graveyard, it’s a tangled plot, but a beautiful one. The majority at Greyfriars are to be found along the left-hand side of the kirkyard as you walk through the main entrance, the caged lairs here look more like a plain bank of tombs rather than some of the most iconic body snatching relics around.Many people immediately blamed the surgeons for the snatchings, including those linked to the Incorporation of Surgeons who to express their innocence in the matter threatened the very future of the students’ livelihood themselves; if they were caught to be violating graves, then they would be simply be expelled and their apprenticeship ended. Avoid letting Tombstones accumulate around one's base/spawn point during the early game due to the large number of enemies spawning in a Graveyard, including the particularly powerful enemies. Selman claimed that he saw Hardin notice him enter the saloon and start to draw his gun. He stated that he fired in self-defense, and with a hung jury, he was released on bond. Selman himself was shot and killed in a shootout with a US Marshal just a year later. Notable Burials Built between 1903 and 1906, this former school is now a museum displaying the history of education from 19th century Scotland. The cemetery was originally dedicated to St. James by Right Reverend Charles Blomfield. Two acres were for Dissenters, and fifteen acres were for the use of the Church of England. The rights of burial were sold to people for a limited period or perpetuity.

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