Beaphar | Gentle Leader | Head Collar for Medium Dogs | Stops Pulling On The Lead | Training Aid with Immediate Effect | Endorsed by Behaviourists | Black x 1

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Beaphar | Gentle Leader | Head Collar for Medium Dogs | Stops Pulling On The Lead | Training Aid with Immediate Effect | Endorsed by Behaviourists | Black x 1

Beaphar | Gentle Leader | Head Collar for Medium Dogs | Stops Pulling On The Lead | Training Aid with Immediate Effect | Endorsed by Behaviourists | Black x 1

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No-pull harnesses work in a few different ways, but the Easy Walk Harness strives to reduce your dog’s desire to pull through the use of a front-clip design. Today, we’ll look at two of the most popular choices — the PetSafe Gentle Leader and the PetSafe Easy Walk Harness — to help you choose the best one for your dog. The Gentle Leader vs. the Easy Walk Harness: Key Takeaways While these are good guidelines to keep in mind, individual owners and dogs may simply prefer one option over the other. It’s worth experimenting with both (so long as you don’t have a brachycephalic breed).

Gentle Leader vs Easy Walk Harness: Which Will Help Your Dog Gentle Leader vs Easy Walk Harness: Which Will Help Your Dog

If you’ve got a dog who pulls hard on the leash and can be hard to control, a dog head halter can really help you regain control on your walks. The Gentle Leader is a head halter, which gives you the chance to direct your dog’s attention wherever you like. This can help stop your dog from pulling, but it’s most helpful for eliminating the lunging and jumping that dogs with poor leash manners often exhibit. Because it’s adjustable, it’s generally easier to put on your dog than some other head halters. 3. It doesn’t look like a muzzle Kimberly received her Bachelor of Arts in multimedia journalism from Simpson College. She has been writing about dogs since 2014, covering subjects such as dog insurance, training, health, accessories, and more. She is a member of Dog Writers Association of America, and her work has appeared in many notable brands, including The New York Times' Wirecutter, Reader's Digest, Forbes, People, Woman's World, and Huffington Post.A head halter, on the other hand, directs the head. The straps got around sensitive areas, so there is far less need for us to exert much force. You can walk your dog on a loose leash with a head halter, allowing them to look around, sniff, etc. but if faced with an unexpected situation where your dog starts to pull, lunge or snap, gently raising the leash straight up (only as needed) gives you a lot of control over the dog’s head and mouth. Most dogs adjust fine to head halters that are introduced properly. But there are some who just won’t be able to wear them.

Stop Your Dog Pulling | Dog Head Collar | Gencon Allin1

We want to remind you that although these harnesses can be immensely helpful, they are still just one of many training tools. If your dog’s issue is that they pull on the leash, you must be consistent with your commands. Also, don’t forget to reward your dog when they aren’t pulling, reinforcing good behavior. I recommend buying your first dog head halter in person so that a knowledgeable salesperson can help you fit the halter to your dog’s muzzle. It’s important to ensure that your dog’s head halter does not rub on your dog’s head, ride up into your dog’s eyes, or slip down off of his muzzle. When a distraction does inevitably occur for your dog, there is an easy tactic to deal with it! If it is people, dogs, skateboards, bikes etc., calmly walk your dog to the side of the sidewalk and create space between you and the distraction. Now it is time to get your dog to sit and allow the distraction to pass by. We do not want to keep moving towards it, as it is only going to increase the desire to pull, bark, or lunge. If we allow the dog to do that, then we allow them to rehearse negative behavior, which can become habitual if repeated enough times. Therefore, by pulling your dog off to the side and creating as much space as you need between you and the distraction, you give your dog an opportunity to observe and not react! A properly fitted dog head halter gives your dog plenty of space to play with a ball, pant, eat, and drink. If your dog can’t hold a ball in his mouth with his dog head halter on, it’s too tight. Some people combine a head halter with a muzzle for safety. The Gentle Leader brand is probably the best brand for this as their construction is simpler than some of the others.


When I have a client whose dog won’t stop pulling on the leash, I suggest a dog head halter or a no-pull harness to help them out while they’re training the dog. There are several components to the Beaphar Gentle Leader® and it is important to ensure they are fitted correctly for it to be effective and comfortable for your dog.

Beaphar Gentle Leader Headcollar For Dogs Black | Pets At Home

They work on the same principle that horse halters work. They guide the dog’s head. Where his head goes, his body follows. You don’t want him to have too much energy when working with him getting used to wearing the head halter. Work your calming ovals for 5 to 10 minutes until your dog is calmed down and beginning to follow your lead

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Incorrectly fitted, a head collar or head halter could cause your dog to paw at his nose or resist more than they usually would. A dog might also be able to escape from a head halter that is fit too loosely. The correct fit is even more important for flat nosed dogs and a head halter not always be appropriate. If you’re unsure which will fit best for your dog, consult a knowledgeable trainer who has experience with head halters. You are far better off making your dog a safer pet with a systematic treatment approach such as the one we offer in The Dog Aggression System Every Dog Owner Needse-book than relying on a head halter or muzzle only. You should learn how to identify signs of to help you act before the aggression even starts, create a prevention and management plan so that you avoid the circumstances that are causing the aggression.

Gentle Leader for Loose Leash Walking How to Use a Gentle Leader for Loose Leash Walking

If they are able to stay relatively calm, and seem to be responding to your “leave it” command, then reward them with a “good boy / girl leave it!” followed by some treats, butt rubs, and / or praise. By doing this, we are rewarding them for being calm and not freaking out about a distraction passing by. I trained a large golden retriever for a client using the Gentle Leader. It took a few days of conditioning the dog to accept wearing it. But it was worth it. Because they communicate so sensitively to your dog, head halters (or head collars) can be really valuable tools for managing an aggressive dog or dogs that pull and are commonly recommended by veterinary behaviorists and other experts. (1)(2) We can make the rest of our dogs lives more interesting so the excitement of going for a walk doesn’t get out of control. With environmental enrichment, we can engage their minds perhaps with play, training or food puzzles, and letting them out to run and play before they are required to be calm on a leash. It also help to desensitize them to being outside. This way, while they look forward to going for a walk, it isn’t the only relief from boredom or overwhelmingly the highlight of their lives.Eventually, build the time he wears the head halter. But don’t leave it on for hours or when you’re not present. Just leave it on him for 15 minutes or so–long enough for him to get used to wearing it. For example, they’re both dog training harnesses, and they’re both made by the same company. You can use both on a daily basis, and they’ll work in a variety of scenarios. Further, they’re both humane and respectful to your pooch, unlike aversive prong collars.

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