eufy Security S300 eufyCam 3C 2-Cam Kit Security Camera Outdoor Wireless, 4K Camera, Expandable Local Storage Up To 16TB, Face Recognition AI, Spotlight, Color Night Vision, No Monthly Fee

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eufy Security S300 eufyCam 3C 2-Cam Kit Security Camera Outdoor Wireless, 4K Camera, Expandable Local Storage Up To 16TB, Face Recognition AI, Spotlight, Color Night Vision, No Monthly Fee

eufy Security S300 eufyCam 3C 2-Cam Kit Security Camera Outdoor Wireless, 4K Camera, Expandable Local Storage Up To 16TB, Face Recognition AI, Spotlight, Color Night Vision, No Monthly Fee

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The app is also very easy to navigate and contains a good range of features. We liked the ‘anti-theft protection’ which will encourage your camera to be suspicious if the view changes from the position you have chosen to mount it at. We have to admit that, during our testing, the facial recognition didn’t seem to work, though the pet detection certainly did (‘pet’ seems to include foxes). The solar panels are not charging the device enough. One possibility is that the position of the camera is not allowing enough access to direct sunlight. In this case, adjust the position or location. It may also be that the weather is not ideal for solar charging. In this case, there is no need to worry. When the weather becomes sunny, normal charging will resume. The HomeBase 3 comes with an inbuilt storage of 16GB, but if you want more storage, you can add up to 16TB to it. The eufyCam 3 and eufyCam 3C confirm that you don’t have to settle for conventional IR night vision when you can get optimally illuminated color night vision at a similar price. You can operate both devices fully at colored night vision without taking too much toll on the camera.

The primary selling point of both cameras is their video and recording quality. They both give you high-quality 4k feeds. However, of course, you can always bring it down to 2k or opt for full HD in case you’re trying to save more storage space or preserve your battery. This will particularly come in handy during the winter months. But with the extra solar panel on the eufyCam 3, you can set your camera to the best quality, and use it over a more extended period than the eufyCam 3C. In winter, where gloomy days and snowfalls are the reality, of course, solar charging will be impeded because snow tends to cover the panel. But during this period, you enjoy prolonged battery life with these cameras. The solar panels charge the built-in battery while sunlight is available. If the camera's current operation uses more power than the solar panel can provide, the battery level will reduce.We thought the default 16GB a bit stingy, especially as more Eufy cameras can be added, but it’s actually a workable amount; it gives you a few weeks storage unless you get an unusual amount of triggering. Were you to add more cameras, or want longer storage, having the drive bay makes this a flexible system and the camera quality is tough to beat. Notice Every Small Detail in 4K: See crisp 4K images so powerful, you can see license plates up to 10m away. So, if you position the cameras where they can receive enough sunlight, they will almost always maintain a 100% battery life both day and night. It doesn’t matter if you use it with the 4k video setting or you set the spotlight to the highest brightness or you keep every setting running at maximum. The current operation of the camera is consuming power beyond what is normal. In this situation, you may need to adjust the configuration to reduce false triggers and excessive recording events. Try the following:

Put Yourself in Control: Feel at ease conveniently controlling eufyCam 3 with voice activation via Alexa and the Google Assistant. When it comes to the build quality and design, the difference between both cameras is negligible, or perhaps inexistent. Both cameras feel pretty solid in hand. When you try to apply pressure, whether diagonally or horizontally, they will neither creak nor loosen. For this reason, the weatherproof ability of both cameras will function throughout every season. Pretty much, setting up the eufyCam 3 or eufyCam 3C is straightforward. So, if the ease of setting up is your chalk horse, it will be difficult to decide a choice between both cameras. The eufy app functionality

A 4K smart security camera for subscription sceptics

There is also the activity zone setting. When you enable this feature, you will only capture motion limited to particular areas. This is particularly great if you have to deal with a number of false triggers like dancing tree branches. Thanks to the AI processing mentioned earlier, you can further toggle the motion detection feature. See Colour at Night: The built-in starlight sensor and F/1.4 aperture let in all available light to show you true colour. The eufy HomeBase 3 is a more improved, feature-rich device than its predecessor. It fits easily in any location where you want it, and it’s easy to set up. To set up the HomeBase 3, simply plug in its power cord and connect the Ethernet cable that comes with it to your Wi-Fi router and to the device. Then, hold the eufyCam 3 or the eufyCam 3C close to connect them. Again, the spotlight function of both cameras offers optimum illumination. It also allows you to tweak this function quality from high to medium and low. You can always leave it to medium or high and you’ll always get pretty crisp night videos. The eufyCam 3 and eufyCam 3C feature AI motion detection, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of sensitivity. You can tweak this sensitivity to your preference. However, if you’re not sure of what to do, you can leave this at the default setting. That works satisfactorily.

Expandable Local Storage: With eufyCam 3C, you're in control of your own data with advanced encryption. Start with 16GB of inbuilt storage, and if that’s not enough, install a hard drive (not included) to expand to up to 16TB of storage, all for no monthly fee. Sample video: This daylight video sample is good enough quality to make plain the weeds have beaten the grass and the lawn needs attention. Advisably, be sure to angle either camera’s body to about 7° down. With this, you can get a wide view. Even better, this positioning gives the body a gentle slope that allows water and snow to slide off without any hassle. There is a bit of a difference in the top view. The eufyCam 3 houses a pretty sizable solar panel. This panel is absent in the eufyCam 3C. Still, remember you can use an external solar panel for it. But you will need to use a USB-C cable to actualize this. Below both devices, you’ll find a functional loudspeaker. This is what enables you communicate with anyone at your door. The eufyCam 3 and eufyCam 3C with the HomeBase 3 Adding a 2.5-inch drive is as simple as pushing the vent at one end so it pops off, then opening the standard drive bay with a single screw. Build quality feels great. (Image credit: Adam Juniper/Digital Camera World)

🍪 Privacy & Transparency

Mounting the eufyCam 3 or eufyCam 3C is pretty simple. All you have to do is place them following the positioning guide. You need just two screws to secure each camera, and they are included in the box. Simply drill holes accordingly, and mount either camera by rotating them until they are well threaded in. On top of that, there is the power manager. This is the feature that lets you change the lengths of your video footage. Longer clips tend to drain a battery. As such, to avoid this, you may have to reduce the lengths and this is where the power manager comes in handy. The eufyCam 3 and eufyCam 3C feature the Bionicmind AI algorithm. This is a self-learning AI that over time, learns to differentiate your acquaintances from strangers. It does well for actual recognition and whole human recognition. Even better, it works excellently for non-human detections as well. These include your vehicles and pets. This feature is present on both devices, and as such, cannot help you pinpoint the superior choice. Comparison between the functionalities of the eufyCam 3 and eufyCam 3C

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