Elgato Wave:1 - Premium Cardioid USB Condenser Microphone for Streaming, Gaming, Home Office, Free Mixer Software, Sound Effect Plugins, Anti-Distortion, Plug & Play, Mac/PC, Stream Deck compatible

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Elgato Wave:1 - Premium Cardioid USB Condenser Microphone for Streaming, Gaming, Home Office, Free Mixer Software, Sound Effect Plugins, Anti-Distortion, Plug & Play, Mac/PC, Stream Deck compatible

Elgato Wave:1 - Premium Cardioid USB Condenser Microphone for Streaming, Gaming, Home Office, Free Mixer Software, Sound Effect Plugins, Anti-Distortion, Plug & Play, Mac/PC, Stream Deck compatible

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These two samples demonstrate the excellent dynamics of the Elgato Wave:1 microphone, but also show off one of its best features, the aforementioned Clipguard technology. This isn't just a slapped-on, half-baked feature; it actually works, and works really well. With the gain set to a normal, usable level, it's next to impossible to distort the microphone by shouting. While this might not be as important to someone who's constantly calm and doesn't tend to get emotional in the heat of battle, most users will love the safety Clipguard provides. You can pretty much forget about clipping and focus on other aspects of your stream, and that is a nice peace of mind to have.

WAVE Link also lets you filter sounds via specific channels. Plus, you can choose the audio input you want to hear via speakers/headphones. It can be done by deselecting or selecting the headphone icon in any available channel. The microphone consists of a 17mm Electret capsule and features a cardioid polar pattern. Elgato gave it a 24-bit resolution with a sample rate of 48kHz. When it comes to its dimensions, the Elgato Wave: 1 measures 141 x 66 x 40mm. For its weight, it’s a total of 555g. The base only weighs 310g while the microphone and U-mount are only 245g. System Requirements Additionally, you can mix any eight channels you want when launching WAVE Link. This provides complete control over music, game audio, and Twitch content. Overall, the Wave: 1 Microphone performed great, and we’d highly recommend this to everyone requiring a microphone such as this. Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review SummaryBasically, the Wave: 1 proved exceptionally well during the microphone test. Though even if some keystrokes were heard, it was quieter than what we were expecting. The Elgato Wave:1 is a simple microphone with amazing build quality and physically appealing design. Not only that, but it also offers impressive broadcast-grade audio quality. Another bonus is its user-friendly software that provides a lot of sound control.

Moreover, you can use WAVE Link with OBS or Open Broadcaster Software. Simply locate the sound settings tab and set WAVE Link Stream as the mix/auxiliary device. For the sample rate, set this to 48kHz and see to it that Windows has the same settings. Elgato Wave 1 มีการรับเสียงแบบ Cardioid ไมค์จะรับเสียงด้านตรงได้มากที่สุด รับเสียงด้านหลังไมค์ได้เล็กน้อย ดังนั้นจึงเหมาะสำหรับใช้รับเสียงพูดทุกรูปแบบ ไม่ว่าจะเป็นการไลฟ์สดขายของ สตรีมเกม พูดคุยกับเพื่อนๆ ไปจนถึงการประชุมงาน พรีเซนต์งานออนไลน์ เสียงพูดจะมีความคมชัด เก็บรายละเอียดได้ครบ Elgato Wave 1 สามารถรับเสียงในช่วงความถี่ที่กว้างตั้งแต่ 70 – 20,000 Hz ที่ความละเอียด 24-bit/48kHz สามารถรับเสียงพูดได้ครบถ้วนตั่งแต่เสียงต่ำไปจนถึงเสียงสูง พร้อมกับคุณภาพเสียงที่ดี จากการที่ทีมงาน Mercular.com ได้ทดสอบเสียง สามารถสรุปรายละเอียดได้ดังนี้When the input levels reach their peak, Elgato’s exclusive Clipguard technology immediately reroutes sound via a second signal path. Here, the audio runs at a lower volume. Now in our Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone review, we’ll get into the microphone’s design and functionality. Elgato is a brand that established itself as a go-to name for streamers and content creators. Specifically, they’re a company for people who want to step up their game in the field.

Underneath the steel grille of the Elgato Wave:1 is a 17-millimeter electret condenser capsule protected by a multi-layered internal pop filter. From what I can tell after a lot of A-B testing, it is the very same capsule Elgato is using with the more expensive Wave:3 microphone. Elgato equipped Wave:1 with LEWITT’s audio technology. LEWITT Audio is a company in Vienna, Austria that produces thoroughly calibrated microphones in world-class testing facilities. This is why the company’s microphones are used in top recording studios. Amplification without ClippingAnother feature of Elgato’s Wave microphones is a switchable low-cut filter that helps remove low-frequency interference. There is also an internal pop filter that reduces distracting plosive breath noise for a clear, professional stream. Of course, if you think the internal pop filter is not enough, you can always add an external pop filter depending on your needs. The Wave mics have an optional pop filter accessory but are sold separately. In our Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone review, you’ll find all the essential and essential information needed for this broadcast-grade mic. Wave:1 is your gateway to microphone and digital mixing mastery, fusing plug and play conve-nience with broadcast-grade circuitry. Never clip again thanks to proprietary anti-distortion technol-ogy. Connect headphones for zero-latency monitoring. Turn the dial to adjust monitor volume, press to mute your mic feed, and see mute status at a glance. Plus combine all your audio sources and create two independent mixes — one for you, one for your audience — with the Wave Link app. Wave:1 doesn’t just give your stream or podcast a professional sonic signature. It gives you control of your entire audio workflow. The Wave: 1 comes with a 70 – 20,000 Hz frequency response. It also has -25dBFS for minimum gain, and 15dBFS for maximum gain when it comes to sensitivity.

NVIDIA’s Broadcast app is a powerful tool that has several features and functions attached to it. Though you do need an RTX graphics card for it to work properly. Elgato Wave 1 Testing and Experience Using it is pretty much straight forward. Simply turn the knob to the right to increase the volume, vice versa; or push the button to mute the mic. The white color indicates that the microphone is active, while the red color means the mic is muted. Wave Link Software This microphone from Elgato gives off 120dB for max SPL, yet it reaches 140dB when it’s Clipguard engaged. Also, the Wave: 1 has a dynamic range of 95dB yet is 115dB when it’s Clipguard engaged. I didn’t open or dismantle my Wave 1 since I definitely do not want to destroy it. But the photos above show how the insides of this USB microphone looks like. In the first (left-hand) photo, you can see the “premium” condenser capsule that has a cardioid polar pattern. The Wave 1 and Wave 3 have the same condenser by the way.While you’re live, you don’t have to watch levels or try to save distorted audio during post-production. Its base features a rubber grip that stops the microphone from sliding. It also prevents the Wave: 1 from scuffing your desktop. Technically, it’s completely detachable too so that you can utilise your arms, tripods, or any mount of your choice. Key Features of the Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Following a procurement by Corsair in 2018, there’s been an admirable effort to expand and improve their product range. If you’ve decided to get one of the Wave microphones, the next question you may be asking is what’s the difference between Wave 1 and Wave 3. Both the Wave 1 and 3 feature the same condenser, audio recording capability and quality, and overall build quality.

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