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Bluey: Sleepytime

Bluey: Sleepytime

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It turns out that Bluey has woken up and made her way to the parents' room, holding a glass. Chilli then wakes up and sees her daughter, surprised, and is asked if she can get the latter a glass of water. After fulfilling her request, she instead finds Bluey sleeping on her side of the bed. She then tiredly makes her way to the children's bedroom and finds rest on Bluey's bed trying to cover herself with her tiny blanket. Just as Chilli gets herself comfortable, Bingo gets off her bed, "floating" in her dream. This is the first time where Bingo cries. She cries again in the episode Pass the Parcel and is the second character to cry overall, the first being Bentley in Bike. Then Bingo, at the sight of Floppy among its many others, sorrowfully lets out a cry at its loss. Such is a cry that alerts Chilli on the other side of the children's room.

Sleepytime/Script | Bluey Wiki | Fandom Sleepytime/Script | Bluey Wiki | Fandom

When this episode aired on Disney Channel in the US, it was paired with Daddy Dropoff and Favourite Thing. What follows is set of scenes on how everything ends: an empty hallway, a faint light on a glass of water on the side of the parents' bed, Bandit and Bluey hugging together comfortably on the floor as they're equally covered by their blanket, and Chilli triumphantly having the entire parents' bed for herself. Then, as the scene transitions to the same planet Earth on the cover of Bingo's book, it pans to Bingo; happily embracing Floppy and sleeping tightly on her bed, just as the room's window slowly begins to show the sun rising. Bluey: Aww... (Exhaustingly) But I'm not tired. (Bluey collapses to sleep as Bandit places her blanket over her.)

their usage corresponds to Bingo actually visiting the planets in her dreams, except for the 2nd use of Jupiter which is for when the Sun arrives. the three songs are Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity, then briefly Venus, the Bringer of Peace and Saturn, the bringer of Old Age. The other planetary songs like Mars the Bringer of War, Mercury the Winged Messenger, Uranus the Magician and Neptune the Mystic are either not used, or not credited in the closed captions. Sleepytime appears on IMDb's list of top user-rated TV episodes, with a weighted-average rating of 9.8/10. The episode previously had a 10/10 rating, one that was matched only by Breaking Bad's Ozymandias. [1] Bingo: (Pulls out a book under her pillow as Chilli is about to leave, one about outer space) Just one more!

Bluey: Sleepytime by Joe Brumm | Read aloud by Tom Keneally Bluey: Sleepytime by Joe Brumm | Read aloud by Tom Keneally

Chilli wakes up and hears this, thus going to Bingo's bed and lying down right beside her. In her dream, she lands on a comet and launches towards Mercury, facing directly towards the sun. earlier music is sometimes just captioned as "ethereal music" or "slow relaxed music" or "jovial upbeat music").They go through the book, with Chilli questioning Bingo the name of planets and Bingo identifying the Sun. After then, it is finally sleepy-time for Bingo, but not after Chilli finding Floppy on the floor for her. Bingo tells her that she wants to do a "big girl sleep" tonight and wake up on her own bed. Chilli encourages her, and reminds her, "I'm always here when you need me." Then Bingo closes her eyes, off to sleep she goes. The episode was originally the longest one, but Pass the Parcel would later on become the longest one with a runtime of 8:00, and so is Tradies with the same runtime.

Sleepytime by Bluey - AbeBooks Sleepytime by Bluey - AbeBooks

The episode opens with a night view of the Heeler house, then cuts to the kids' bedroom, where Chilli is reading Bingo a bedtime story.

This episode has an unusually long runtime with 7:30 instead of 7:00, making this episode second to the longest one in the series.

Bluey: Sleepytime by Joe Brumm | Penguin Random House Canada Bluey: Sleepytime by Joe Brumm | Penguin Random House Canada

As with The Show, some fans believe this episode suggests that Chilli had a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with Bluey. This is due to Bluey “hatching” from Venus and Bingo from Earth, while Mercury remains unhatched. Bingo and Floppy find themselves in the center of the planet, with them cuddling its solid core, just like how Bingo holds on to Bandit tightly as he carries her to her original bed.The colours of Pluto and Mercury are swapped. In the episode, Pluto is a purple-ish gray while Mercury is a shade of brown. In reality, Mercury is a blue-ish gray while Pluto is a red-ish brown. In their dream-world adventures, Bingo and Floppy find the planet Uranus. Bingo feels it soft and cuddly, and lies on it like a bed, pulling the planet's surface beside her like a blanket. In truth, she ends up in her parents' room between Bluey and Bandit, and her lying and tugging on the blanket, taking Bluey and Bandit's share of it. So begins a tug-of-war between the freezing Bluey and Bandit as they pull the blanket for themselves and in process tosses and turns Bingo around. Bingo, however, feels overjoyed in her dream, as if the planet's surface rises and falls, rolling herself around as a laughing little fellow. Eventually the Blue Heelers pull the blanket simultaneously, launching Bingo in the air. Bandit: (singing in an exhausted tone) 99 bottles of thing on the wall, 99 bottles of thing...and if one of these bottles should happen to fall, there'll be 98 bottles of thing on the wall. The song Bandit sings, 99 Bottles of Thing on the Wall, (later re-used in Baby Race) is based on 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, with lyrics changed avoid the alcohol reference.

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