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Birthday Girl

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so if you're into stories with taboo, great plot, and bumping uglies you've got to add this to ur TBR. And that’s what I am. Her boyfriend’s father. Nothing more. But deep in my heart, the small ember growing bigger and bigger every day knows that’s a lie.

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There’s something about forbidden romances/taboo topics that tests and pushes and makes you questions your original stances on it, whatever they may have been, and from whatever preconceived notions they may have originated from. However, this short story reminded me exactly why I love the author. What makes Murakami so great is what he doesn’t say; it’s the subtle suggestions and doubt spread across character encounters that gives his writing such depth. I always question everything when I read his words. Does that mean more? Is there some hidden point behind what is happening? There are always hints at the supernatural, but they are very rarely confirmed. I guess the sex scenes were hot, except for the loofah scene! I mean I don't know what loofah's you use in the states, but here they are really rough and that shit would chafe! Ouch! Oh and the desk corner scene?!! WTAF?! Pike of course takes the role of a lusty, chauvinistic, jealous provider. I personally had no problem with that because it was the single interesting aspect of his character. In the introduction to that book Murakami says that he felt inspired to add a story of his own and since none of the stories I had assembled focused on the birthday of a young girl, I chose my character more or less consciously to supply that missing element. (per Rubin's translation). The result was this story. The original can be found in various magazines e.g. Harpers ( https://harpers.org/archive/2003/07/b...) and was also included in the later collection Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman.Y entonces es donde empieza la magia de Murakami para mostrarte escenarios definidos, acciones cotidianas que parecen rituales y capas tras capas de pensamientos. Porque si tú tuvieras 20 años y te permitieran un deseo ¿Qué pedirías? ¿Y qué pasaría si lo que pides cambia toda tu vida al punto de dejar de ser tú mismo? Birthday Girl es un libro que tiene un planteamiento interesante, y al mismo tiempo, puede parecer problemático. A ver, hay algunas cosas que ya sabemos que nos vamos a encontrar en este género (algo de toxicidad, hombres muy hombres... ese tipo de cosas), pero el tema de la relación entre ellos no lo es para nada. En serio, creedme. La protagonista está en una relación de estas que son una mierda y que son en plan: amiga, date cuenta. Está claro que en cuanto algo mejor pase por delante se va a dar cuenta. Y es un poco lo que pasa. Aunque nadie se espera que sea el padre de tu novio... It literally took me 20 minutes to remember her name. I don’t know what they say about me but ANYWAYS. I just need to put it out there. I LOVE HER MUSIC. I don’t know why but I LOVE 1980s music. It has such a vibe!! Anyways I have nothing else to say about her because she is a usual romance novel girl. SHE NEEDS HELPPPP. When she was dating her boyfriend who is Pikes SON she was having fantasies about PIKE THE FA But is it a good story? The good news is that it’s a very good story indeed. Like most of Murakami's shorts it’s a tale to make the reader think. Very little really happens and I'm not giving much away – the beauty is in the flow of words put down by the writer – to say that it's about a young waitress who gets to make a single wish on her twentieth birthday. El libro tiene una segunda parte compuesta por un ensayo del mismo autor reflexionando sobre lo que para él significa su cumpleaños, su generación, los vínculos de una fecha y la importancia para él. Y siendo sincera, el libro no sería igual sin esta parte final de Murakami; el ensayo complementa muy bien el cuento y te deja pensando también sobre la importancia de envejecer.

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Jordan is a heroine that's impossible not to like. Mature beyond her years due to the way she grew up, this is not your typical 19 year old. With a mother that left years ago and a deadbeat trailer trash father, it's been her and her older sister fending for themselves. With an adorable adoration of all things 80s, Jordan was easy to connect with. While her sister has no problem supporting herself and young child by being a stripper, Jordan wants more. Moving in with her boyfriend's father rent free will allow her to save up enough to put herself on her feet and to get that more that she craves. But it also brings a whole lot more complications in the form of an interaction to her boyfriend's young father that seems to only intensify over time. This was supposed to be a buddy read with my friend, Deidra, but the book was annoying me-- and not in a "so bad it's fun" way, but in an "OMG NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN" sort of way, so I ended up jumping ship at 12% because I'm a bad friend. But life's too short to read bad books. There are truly no other novels that can utterly compare to anything that is by Penelope Douglas. To me, sometimes I find it hard to believe that once I finish a book by Pen I think to myself "let's google, 'books similar to Penelope Douglas'" but nothing ever seems to come up because every search I make, is never appealing to my eye. Penelope is definitely one of a kind, one that never sees to amaze me with her writing and mental state behind her stories. Every word that she expresses is one that touches home-base to my mind because of how exceptional her fictional "worlds" are. Birthday Girl is yet again another of her novels that has brought a new meaning to "forbidden," and has indulged in the aspect of age gap romance novels as well, the one thing that made me crave Pike in such a filthy, dirty, and un-moral way.The kind of ‘present’ I have in mind is not something tangible, not something with a price tag. To put it simply”—he placed his hands on the desk and took one long, slow breath—”what I would like to do for a lovely young fairy such as you is to grant a wish you might have, to make your wish come true. Anything. Anything at all that you wish for—assuming that you do have such a wish.” He remembers me, laughs with me, and looks at me. He listens to me, protects me, and sees me. I can feel his eyes on me over the breakfast table, and my heart pumps so hard when I hear him pull in the driveway after work. the story follows jordan and her relationship with her bf's dad, pike. it sounds totally ridiculous & i was really thinking that this story would go the way of "falling for my boyfriend's dad" and be ridiculous smut but it actually... wasn't? jordan has had a hard life with virtually no family or friends. all she really wants is a life of her own and someone to be happy with. and pike wants the same thing.

The Birthday Girl by Sue Fortin | Goodreads The Birthday Girl by Sue Fortin | Goodreads

he never made an effort to apologize to Jordan for all the shit he put her through!!! And he got mad because his father and her got together at the end? Like, I get it, it's weird as hell and I would be uncomfortable too but for real though? Does he even have the right? He screwed up so many times and instead of Pike and Jordan being sorry, he should be the one who is sorry. I honestly don't think he deserved their kindness, and when they forgave him so easily, I was just so frustrated because I wanted him to literally EXPLAIN himself and APOLOGIZE to them for being a shitty son and boyfriend. But did he do that? nooooooooo. Instead, he ran away, barely made an effort with both of them, NEVER said sorry to them, and made himself look like the victim. ugh. I literally feel no remorse for him. The tension between them, the chemistry was undeniable and unforgettable. It was so beautiful to see two mismatched people with flaws find their forever in each other. Penelope Douglas , you have once again stolen my heart with your swoonworthy stories!!!

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Overall, everything about this novel is just meant to be read and thoroughly enjoy. If you are an individual with an age gap issue, then skip this book. However, if you are interested I recommend hoping on this bad boy and riding it like there is no tomorrow. One thing is for sure that has me excited for more books by Pen, her surprise reveal of Motel is coming our way, and Danni (the female main character) will definitely have me on the verge of mystery behind her story. Thank you so much to Penelope for sending me a copy of her novel, one in which I am looking forward to re-reading in the future because this girl finds her forbidden fruit something to absolutely cherish.

The Birthday Girl by Melissa de la Cruz | Goodreads The Birthday Girl by Melissa de la Cruz | Goodreads

This was my second book of Penelope Douglas, and I adore it just as much as I loved her other book, Bully. She takes "forbidden/taboo" to another level as always! Not cringy, not grossing, just perfection!I didn't really like this one that much...not necessarily because of the age gap; my parents have almost 9 years between them, but because of the maturity of the characters, and their suitability for each other. I just didn't find it a believable relationship. I think what really made me connect with Jordan is how well Douglas handled this character's development. There's glimpses into a teenage girl; enough to make you remember her age. But at the same time, she's not sheltered and naive. This is a woman that knows what she wants. She's not shy and afraid to go after it. She's solid. She's mature beyond her years. But yet she's still a young woman.

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