Acrylic Turntable Mat - GreenLit - LP Slipmat

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Acrylic Turntable Mat - GreenLit - LP Slipmat

Acrylic Turntable Mat - GreenLit - LP Slipmat

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Another great option from Hudson Hi-Fi here, the cork overlaps with some of the other mats in terms of what it provides, but also brings its own benefits to the turntable.

Top Turntable Mats 2021: The Best Platter Mat for Your Record

Choosing the best mat for you can depend on the type of turntable you have. Belt-drive, direct-drive, brass or aluminum materials, and even the weight of the platter itself all contribute to the sound you’ll get. With so many mat materials available, it’s possible to choose a specific style to get some control over the desired sound you’re aiming for. This deer hide leather can be quite expensive, and this is hand-made and not produced industrially, so every mat is unique. Synthetic leathers tend to show many deficiencies over time, but you can’t find any fault in organic leather, and it also has a good lifespan.One upgrade for the Fluance Reference series line of turntables is an acrylic platter. The acrylic platter comes standard on the RT85 Turntable however you can upgrade any Reference Turntable with an acrylic platter at any time. While the price may not be an issue for some, other people may have a tight budget. There’s a mat for everyone. Rubber mats are a favorite of Technics, one of the biggest DJ companies in the world. Rubber mats are highly sought after because they’re especially good at dampening vibrations, holding records in place, reducing dust and you can actually clean them, as well. The manufacturer has used audiophile-grade PU leather that provides a high-quality listening experience. Additionally, the fact that the material is custom cut adds to the upscale feel of the product. If you’re interested in improving the sound quality of your records, you should consider adding this turntable platter mat to your collection. These mats are an essential component of your record player. They help improve the sound quality of your records by absorbing micro-vibrational energy.

Acrlyic Turntable Mat? | Steve Hoffman Music Forums Acrlyic Turntable Mat? | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

The mat should be in level with the arm and stylus, and you must keep the arm of your record player at the right angle. Grip Improved Soundstage and Clarity – Because acrylic has an analogous resonant frequency to the PVC material in vinyl records, it aids in the cancellation of reverberations resulting in a more 3-dimensional soundstage with improved bass definition, a richer mid range and greater overall signal clarity. On top of that, there are also cork and rubber turntable mats available too. In these situations, you’ll often receive a turntable mat with a dual design. This means that the cork will be on the top layer of the turntable mat, while the rubber will be embedded into the bottom layer of the turntable mat.For a first-time upgrade, the cork is a great place to start,” advises Liberov. “It offers the most consistent sonic enhancement across all musical styles and turntables. [And] for those looking to add some ‘color’, the acrylic mats are absolutely awesome.” 1. Hudson Hi-Fi Premium Acrylic Turntable Mat Improved Speed Consistency – Due to the density and greater mass of the platter, the increased inertia allows the platter to spin at a more consistent speed. This results in a better wow and flutter measurement as there is less delineation from the required speed of 33 1/3 or 45 RPM. Since cork is non-resonant, this works especially well on steel and lightweight platters, acting to reduce friction and absorb vibrations without over-dampening it, or under-delivering on sound like felt can.

Platter Mats – Hudson Hi-Fi Platter Mats – Hudson Hi-Fi

by improving the coupling between the record and platter, and reducing resonances (often quite dramatically), you will notice better, deeper and faster bass, increased detail, more air around the music, more open and precise stereo imaging, better dynamic energy and excitement, more palpable vocals, more realistic instrumental sounds and generally a more accurate and transparent sonic picture But recently I have found the Mobile Pro Shop mat, and now use it instead on my secondary system. Ok, there isn’t an enormous difference between the two, but the MPS does seem to tighten up the bass even more, impart more focus to midrange vocals and instruments, give slightly more air to the soundstage and a bit more precise and stable placement in that soundstage, and maybe the tiniest increase in dynamics and musical energy overall.If left out in the open air, it can build up with dust and debris, so best to keep it (and your turntable) covered when not in use. Felt is more challenging to clean than other materials. Moreover, it is also a delicate fabric that can rip easily if not careful. Selecting the best platter mat for your turntable is a little like choosing a set of tires for your car; the right choice for you very much depends on a wide range of circumstances and personal taste. The material you choose will have a direct impact on turntable resonance and sonic performance. Each type can highlight some frequencies and suppress others—which one you prefer the sound of is down to personal taste.

Turntable Mat Materials - Does It Really Matter? 5 Best Turntable Mat Materials - Does It Really Matter?

The anti-static PU leather mat gives the turntable a retro look and feel. The leather mat complements the surface groove of the LP in both lower and mid frequencies. Anyway, you’re probably interested in it for its functionality. Leather mats can dampen vibrations and give you a slightly better bass sound. This turntable mat, in particular, is excellent for combating static and minimizing resonance (particularly if you have a metal turntable platter). The Fluance Turntable Platter Mat is the first on our list because it is an essential component of any vinyl listening system. If you’re looking to protect your record collection from dust and micro-vibrations, the Fluance Turntable Platter Mat is an excellent choice for you. It is available for all standard 12-inch platters and is designed to conform to the spindle of the turntable. So how can you find the right mat for your turntable and your budget? Well, I have tried a lot of them – really, more than I care to admit, and I have compiled this list of the best record mats on the market today.Acquiring one of the best turntable mats on the market just might be what you need to push your vinyl listening to the next level. There are a lot of great options available, and while there are pros and cons to each turntable mat material, you’re bound to find something that fits your needs! You might naturally expect that as you go up in price you will notice these things getting better and better, but here we have to be careful. I have played around with and tested a lot of different turntable mats, and in my experience the lowest priced turntable mats do everything very well – especially if you get the right one. This turntable mat comes from Hudson, a New York-based company that makes multiple types of mats, along with a wide array of products for Hi-Fi enthusiasts, for cleaning, stabilizing, measuring and better sound isolation. Even cheaper than their leather mat, and to me a much better choice, the Pro-Ject Cork & Rubber It turntable mat is the best value I’ve found, and would be my first choice overall – the Thorens and Music Hall mats, just below, are clearly better, but for half the price the Pro-Ject is self-recommending.

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