Wicked Academia: Lost Stars: 1

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Wicked Academia: Lost Stars: 1

Wicked Academia: Lost Stars: 1

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And Timothée discovers he looks an awful lot like a god of destruction who brought the world to its knees thousands of years ago. Oh, yeah, and the school's castle keeps talking to him. At least he's making friends...not. The first person he meets at the Academy is a too-handsome-to-be-real academic prodigy who only wants to torment him. Insta-love. Hate that trope. Insta-attraction and insta-connection, sure! Those are fine, and more realistic. Marion and Khalid’s immediate attraction and Timothée and Val’s instant hate-like connection are more realistic. But Vivian and Darius falling in love at first sight? I like them as characters and I can see them together, but to have them be in love immediately ruined their relationship for me. I can see if their instant attraction was the foundation for the development of a bond that became a relationship that had to battle through Vivian’s curse and Darius’ prejudice. But I’m a firm believer in letting love grow over time. The lore and the world building crafted in this series is truly where it shines. It has just enough familiarity and delicious trope-y goodness (the swallowing stars immediately bringing to mind the iconic scene in Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle, and the gods having a distinctly Final Fantasy-esque edge to them) without being overburdened with references to keep lovers of those things hooked, me included. It is fun, original, and deeply fascinating. The parts of the story where the lore was delved into in depth were some of my favorites, and there are elements of the story that have me buzzing with theories and questions. Overall, it is a wonderful fantasy tale. I have had the honour to recieve this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This will, however, not influence my opinion.

Wicked Academia: Lost Stars First 3 Chapters - Wicked Academia: Lost Stars

How does the web novel differ from the version being published? The web novel is our first version; the published version is edited and revised. Chapters may be rearranged, there may be new scenes, POVs might be switched, etc. Scenes from our SFW and NSFW collections may or may not be included in the published version. The heart of the story is the same, it just looks a little different! I wasn’t sure if this book qualified as dark academia at first, but I’ve seen it on a number of lists and aesthetic inspiration boards for the genre, so I feel OK with including it. And selfishly, I’m more than happy to, because wow, this book. Madeline Miller first wooed me with her beautiful, intricate novel Circe. Naturally, I had to read everything she’d written after that, which led me to The Song of Achilles, her debut novel. Like the best of dark academia, it is itself deeply infatuated with the Classics. My only qualm—if I can really even call it that, was that at times, certain relationships felt a bit insta love-y BUT I loved the characters and their romances so much that I ended up not even caring that much about the insta love (which I normally cannot stand in books). Okay, as I already mentioned, read this in one day because I was captivated, entertaining and curious about the plot and the world. Nice, neat and well structured pillars for a book series: world building + characters + magic system + source of conflict/plot 👌🏼 Here are eight dark academia novels that explore queer themes, have LGBTQ+ characters, and/or dig deep into the trenches of sexuality and our complicated relationships with identity. If you’re anything like me, these books are not only entertainingly delectable. They also help us look inward and feel seen.I only have the print version, I’d assume the digital version is pretty much the same though I’d hope there’s more flexibility with the layout too. If you like The Secret History and want a story even more explicitly queer, I can’t recommend Emily M. Danforth’s Plain Bad Heroines enough. The book is equally intoxicating and way more sapphic. It’s set in Rhode Island at Brookhants School for Girls in two timelines: 1902 and present-day. The 1902 plot centers on two female students, Clara and Flo, who are in love with one another. Tragically, the girls are stung to death by wasps. Several other students also die, leading the school to shut down five years later.

Wicked Academia Series by Jasmine Jenkins - Goodreads

The whole ending definitely left me wanting more and I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here! From what I gather, the authors drew the art themselves? Some of which are fine, cute, but again, middle grade vibes. Then there are some art pieces that genuinely detracted me from the story that was happening because all I could think about was how this book did not look adult. Please understand that designers and artists are literally trained to receive, interpret and deliver on a brief. If you want these characters, you can bring these sketches and ideas to them and get a final product that is more worthy and succinct with the book that’s being written.) The novel follows the shamed prince Patroclus, during his time in the kingdom of Phthia. There, he meets Achilles, the Greek god, and the two form a tremendous bond. Friendship turns to romantic love, their relationship drawing the ire of Achilles’ mother, the sea goddess Thetis. The men later go to the Trojan War war together, cementing their story as an epic of love and tragedy. Miller’s writing is poignant and profound; this is not a book you’ll soon forget. Listen...the only thing I liked was their sibling dynamics and i guess the magic was also kinda cool, but everything else was very meh.The only thing that threw me off at first was the pacing with all the POV changes. Each chapter was from a different siblings POV and while I do like that the perspective of all three MCs is shown relatively equally; it took me a few chapters to really get into the story.

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