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It’s all very jolly but the energy eventually lags. Running at two hours, Clary’s script is far too long and a bit shapeless. The songs, penned by Clary and Simon Wallace, are written in an unforgivingly low register and don’t feel entirely necessary – but are just about rescued by a delightfully daft duet in the closing stages, infused with a music-hall sense of mischief. I've had lots of requests for this since mentioning it to library customers, and my book group (ages 7-10) think it's a winner. I'm included to agree. There are also illustrations and boy oh boy I loved them! They fit the hilarious family, the crazy antics that happened in their lives. It captured The Bolds perfectly, while I was reading I could just picture them like the way the artist did. :D Julian Claryn Me Ponnekkaat kertoo nelihenkisestä lontoolaisesta perheestä, joka nauraa räkättää vähän väliä ja tekee kaikkensa pitääkseen erään suuren salaisuuden piilossa. Melko hyvin he tehtävässään onnistuvatkin, kunnes yrmeä naapuri alkaa tulla epäluuloiseksi ja pitää perhettä entistä tarkemmin silmällä.

The Bolds by Julian Clary at The Unicorn Theatre | Review The Bolds by Julian Clary at The Unicorn Theatre | Review

Lee Lyford's production is so colourful and full of energy. A regular at the theatre, he clearly knows how to make work for young audiences. James Button's set is a metallic pastille and neon combination, and alongside Anna Watson's vibrant lighting and Natasha Harrison's over the top, campy choreography, it all works. The entire ensemble are brilliant - no one is out of place, but certain stand outs include the twin duo Sam Swann and Mae Munuo - who are full of beans, always include the audience and their chemistry is electric. Charity Bedu-Addo is also fantastic; she shows off her strong ability to multi-role, performing as best friend Minni, a fellow hyena, and the original Mrs Bold who was eaten by a hungry croc. Bedu-Addo also delights in her own solo number - the music and lyrics written by Clary and Simon Wallace. These songs are catchy and you find yourself singing them on the walk home.

Julian Clary is an English comedian and novelist. Clary began appearing on television in the mid-1980s and became known for his deliberately stereotypical camp style. Since then he has also acted in films, television and stage productions, and was the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 10 in 2012. Ultimately, The Bolds could benefit from some editing. At two hours the continuous stream of joke-telling becomes unfunny and, as a vehicle for young children, it’s just too long. But from the perspective of family entertainment, it does its job. Tarina on ihan hauska - miten ihmisiä esittävät hyeenat selviävät elämästään Lontoossa? Naapurin äreä ukko tuntuu olevan vähän liian utelias ja perheen lapsille sattuu kaikenlaisia kömmähdyksiä koulussa, kun he yrittävät olla ihmisiksi. Ihmisenä oleminen ei ole niin helppoa. James Button‘s innovative, flexible set works brilliantly alongside Anna Watson’s excellent lighting design, taking us flawlessly from the plains of Africa to the kitchens of suburbia, a moving car and even underground, using colour and motion to exciting effect.

The Bolds - London Bridge Revealed The Bolds - London Bridge Revealed

He has now adapted the first book in the series himself for the Unicorn Theatre’s Christmas show and, if the result is not entirely clean, wholesome entertainment (it’s recommended for six-years-plus) – there are an awful lot of references to bottoms, for one thing – it marks a pretty jolly start to the festive season. Advertised as suitable for 6+, it is two hours plus interval; the first half is perhaps a tad too long for the youngest of them and Clary’s clever script goes too fast for those below school age (though there is one fart gag that would please them and they might like a reference to bum-rubbing territorial marking). It peters out a little at the end. A compressed timeline means a bit of a jumble of friendship and forgiveness with Mr. McNumpty. While that’s a minor disappointment it’s not a huge deal. The message is laid out through the story; have fun, be accepting, make jokes and friends, and be courageous when it comes to doing good. It’s a shining example of thoughtful theatre for kids, and the hoots of laughter through this show from the young audience proved it. There is a message about accepting difference, though it is pretty subliminal; this is geared for enjoyment, not preaching, fun for the youngsters and fun for the family. Between 2005 and 2008, Clary wrote a fortnightly column for the New Statesman magazine. He has also published an autobiography, A Young Man's Passage, which covers his life and career up to the 1993 "Norman Lamont incident" at the British Comedy Awards. In 2007, Clary released his first novel, Murder Most Fab, published by Ebury Press. His second novel, Devil in Disguise, was published in 2009. His first book for children, The Bolds, was published by Andersen Press in 2015.

The Bolds are just like you and me. They live in an ordinary house on an ordinary street, and they love to laugh. But there’s one slight difference… they are hyenas! As the play begins, we’re introduced to a family of four laughing hyenas who come upon the bony leavings of the Bolds, an unfortunate English couple eaten by crocodiles while on safari in Tanzania. Mummy and Daddy hyena, fed up with foraging for food in the tropics, and hoping for a better life for their two offspring, decide to chance life in England.

The Bolds Series by Julian Clary - Goodreads

This is an upbeat, heartwarming book that is bound to be popular with children and adults alike. Furthermore, the book is an absolute must if you are a David Roberts fan with its very generous proportion of illustrations to delight young readers. I’m actually hoping they will produce a picture book spin off about Miranda the marmoset who is the cutest creature I have ever seen! The parents were fun, and I especially liked the dad. He really cared about his wife and kids, he tried to cheer them up during times that weren't easy (though of course, them being these kind of critters, they always were always laughing). We know the holiday season is upon us when fairy tales and children’s storybooks run amok as stage adaptations to compete with the manufactured jolly of Yuletide cheer. The Bolds – Photo by Ellie Kurttz. LoveReading4Kids exists because books change lives, and buying books through LoveReading4Kids means you get to change the lives of future generations, with 25% of the cover price donated to schools in need. Join our community to get personalised book suggestions, extracts straight to your inbox, 10% off RRPs, and to change children’s lives. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without another celebrity children’s book adaptation for the stage. Some projects feel a tad cynical but The Bolds, based onJulian Clary’s popular series, isn’t a bad bet. It’s a quirky story about a family of hyenas who escape a national park in Africa and wind up living as humans in a semi-detached in Teddington. There’s plenty of fun physical comedy, endless jokes (Mr Bold writes them for a living) and – thanks to the hyenas – lots of laughter.Aidosti hauska ja vähän syvällinenkin tarina hyeenoista, jotka ottivat tilaisuudesta vaarin ja muuttivat Lontooseen. Juttu on välillä koskettava, välillä jännittävä ja sisältää sopivasti peppuhuumoriakin. What a fun premise! And what a disappointment. The story arc didn't quite feel finished, and there were all sorts of opportunities built right into the plot for the author to heighten the stakes but Clary just let them slip through his fingers. So much could have gone wrong with the kidnapping! So much could have gone wrong with their disguises! So much could have gone wrong on "Grandpa's" walks! But nothing ever did. The wildlife refuge rescue wasn't dangerous enough to be the main conflict of the book. It's like the whole book was a lead up to a story that never happened. It is a great deal of fun with the twins played like real irrepressible children and a talented company singing, dancing Natasha Harrison’s nifty choreography and playing instruments alongside musical director Simon Wallace on keyboards. Heeeeeee hee hee! That's a hyena laughing, in case you were wondering. I loved this. Clary is a natural children's story-writer, and doesn't try too hard to make himself funny, instead putting the humour directly into the situation and characters, making it an entertaining read. Kirjan kuvitus on oikein kiva, tarina ihan ok, fontti mukavan suurta ja hauskuutta löytyy niin takapuolihuumorin kuin herra Ponnekkaan tehtailemien vitsien muodossa. Ainakaan tähän keski-ikäiseen opus ei silti tehnyt kovin suurta vaikutusta eikä edes naurattanut, höh. Täytynee luetuttaa tämä vielä kymmenvuotiaallani, niin selviää, mitä mieltä kohderyhmän edustaja Ponnekkaista on.

The Bolds, review: Julian Clary’s suburban hyenas make for The Bolds, review: Julian Clary’s suburban hyenas make for

With live music, songs and adventures?, this brand new Christmas show revels in the joy of being anything but ordinary. ? Amanda Gordon as Mrs Bold, Mae Munuo as Betty Bold, Sam Swann as Bobby Bold and David Ahmad as Mr Bold Though he was also the most wild out of the Bolds. He did all sorts of things that could endanger their stay there. Letting Julian Clary loose in the world of children’s stories feels like a high-risk strategy – so alert are his antennae to potential innuendo, the comedian could make even a picnic in the sunshine sound somehow risqué. Yet he has had huge success with his best-selling series The Bolds, about a group of hyenas living in disguise as humans in Teddington, west London, and which combine subtle messages about assimilation and identity with lashings of rambunctious child-friendly comedy.Grown-ups will recognise Clary’s own voice welcoming the audience and as the man on the safari park PA. They may find a couple of double meanings that pass over the youngsters’ heads and as things draw to a close there is just a hint of more in a budding bromance between Mr McNumpty and Uncle Tony (they get a repeat of a number together) but this is the children’s book Clary, not the caustic camp one. I like it—and I’ll bet your children will. Then, on a trip to a safari park to slake a nostalgia for Africa, they encounter an elderly hyena whom the veterinarians think is too old and unwell and propose to “put to sleep” as a kindness. The Bolds hatch a plan to save him. The full cast is David Ahmad as Fred Bold, Amanda Gordon as Amelia Bold, Sam Swann as Bobby Bold and Mae Munuo as Betty Bold, Sam Pay as Mr McNumpty, Charity Bedu-Addo as Minnie and Jon Trenchard as Uncle Tony. The children make a great friend of schoolmate Minnie (Charity Bedu-Addo) but things can’t go entirely smoothly or there wouldn’t be any drama. First, it's when Betty accidentally lets Minnie catch sight of her tail, which wouldn’t matter except that next-door neighbour nosey Mr McNumpty (Sam Pay) may have seen too. There is a neat twist to that part of the story.

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