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One of the first replicators seen by Humans was the one seen by the crew of Enterprise when they had their ship repaired in a mysterious automated repair station. Prior to this, T'Pol once saw a similar device on a Tarkalean vessel that was capable of replicating almost any inanimate object. Until this time, the most comparable technology aboard 22nd century starships were protein resequencers, which had limited capabilities compared to later technologies. ( ENT: " Dead Stop", " Fight or Flight", " Oasis") One of the advantages of what they’re doing is not only can they then scale through that direction, but they do a lot of experimentation in the technology and then how it’s being used because they’re allowing a lot of freedom among those on the front lines and the developers to try things and figure out what works,” Scharre said. For an image that does not show how this replicates, see: Eric W. Weisstein. "Sphinx." From MathWorld--A Wolfram Web Resource.

In Star Trek a replicator is a machine that can create (and recycle) things. Replicators were originally seen to simply synthesize meals on demand, but in later series much larger non-food items appear. The technical aspects of replicated versus "real" things is sometimes a plot element. Nanotechnologists in particular believe that their work will likely fail to reach a state of maturity until human beings design a self-replicating assembler of nanometer dimensions. [1] Clanking replicator, an artificial self-replicating system that relies on conventional large-scale technology and automation Macroscopic replicators are mentioned briefly in the fourth chapter of K. Eric Drexler's 1986 book Engines of Creation. [7]In 2004, General Dynamics completed a study for NASA's Institute for Advanced Concepts. It concluded that complexity of the development was equal to that of a Pentium 4, and promoted a design based on cellular automata. Biochemistry: simple systems of in vitro ribosomal self replication have been attempted, [15] but as of January 2021, indefinite in vitro ribosomal self replication has not been achieved in the lab. However, always having "acceptable nutritional value" apparently did not mean that always consuming replicated food necessarily meant one would have a balanced diet no matter what they ate. Kayshon once stated to Brad Boimler, after the latter accidentally insulted his weight in the Tamarian language, that it was difficult to lose weight when one could replicate any food they wanted. ( LD: " Wej Duj") Freitas Interstellar Probe Replicator (1979-1980)". 2005-08-01 . Retrieved 2009-09-16. Dyson, Freeman J. (1979). Chapter 18: Thought Experiments. pp.194–204. {{ cite book}}: |work= ignored ( help)

NVIDIA DRIVE Sim™ is a high fidelity, physically based platform for end-to-end autonomous vehicle simulation. DRIVE Sim leverages the capabilities of Omniverse Replicator to generate pixel-accurate ground truth synthetic data for training, testing, and validating autonomous vehicle perception algorithms. Clark said that if Replicator is being put to the test, there are several things the Defense Department would need to do. Bernal, John Desmond (1929). "The World, the Flesh and the Devil: An Enquiry into the Future of the Three Enemies of the Rational Soul". Historians of machine tools, even before the numerical control era, sometimes figuratively said that machine tools were a unique class of machines because they have the ability to "reproduce themselves" [8] by copying all of their parts. Implicit in these discussions is that a human would direct the cutting processes (later planning and programming the machines), and would then assemble the parts. The same is true for RepRaps, which are another class of machines sometimes mentioned in reference to such non-autonomous "self-replication". In contrast, machines that are truly autonomously self-replicating (like biological machines) are the main subject discussed here. In 1968, Zellig Harris wrote that "the metalanguage is in the language," [47] suggesting that self-replication is part of language. In 1977 Niklaus Wirth formalized this proposition by publishing a self-replicating deterministic context-free grammar. [48] Adding to it probabilities, Bertrand du Castel published in 2015 a self-replicating stochastic grammar and presented a mapping of that grammar to neural networks, thereby presenting a model for a self-replicating neural circuit. [49] Harvard Wyss Institute [ edit ]

Wirth, Niklaus (1977). "What can we do about the unnecessary diversity of notation for syntactic definitions?". Commun. ACM. 20 (11): 822–823. doi: 10.1145/359863.359883. S2CID 35182224. Todd, Paul (2006-07-06). "Robotic Lunar Ecopoiesis Test Bed" (PDF) . Retrieved 2007-01-04. (phase II report) Power would be provided by a "canopy" of solar cells supported on pillars. The other machinery would be placed under the canopy. Omniverse Replicator is available within Omniverse Code and is built on open standards such as Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD), Material Definition Language (MDL), and NVIDIA PhysX™.

Self-Replicating Automated Industrial Factory (1973-present)". 2005-08-01 . Retrieved 2009-09-16. Paley, William (1802). "Chapter i, Section 1". Natural Theology: or Evidences of the Existence and Attributes of the Deity, Collected from the Appearances of Nature. E. Goodale. ISBN 978-0-576-29166-8. ; (12th Edition, 1809) [ permanent dead link] See also: Michael Ruse, ed. (1998). Philosophy of Biology. pp. 36–40. ; Lenski, Richard (2001-11-15). "Twice as Natural". Nature. 414 (6861): 255. Bibcode: 2001Natur.414..255L. doi: 10.1038/35104715. PMID 11713507. S2CID 205023396.Self-replication process holds promise for production of new materials". Science Daily. 2011-10-17 . Retrieved 2011-10-17. Lifeless' prion proteins are 'capable of evolution' ". BBC News. 2010-01-01 . Retrieved 2013-10-22. Metzger, Philip (August 2016). "Space Development and Space Science Together, an Historic Opportunity". Space Policy. 37 (2): 77–91. arXiv: 1609.00737. Bibcode: 2016SpPol..37...77M. doi: 10.1016/j.spacepol.2016.08.004. S2CID 118612272. Natural replicators have all or most of their design from nonhuman sources. Such systems include natural life forms.

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