Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster - Amazon Exclusive

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Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster - Amazon Exclusive

Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster - Amazon Exclusive

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You don’t just pull the trigger to start popping darts, though. There’s a secondary trigger you have to hold in with your middle finger, which gets the motor spinning up – then you can squeeze the main trigger to set the foam a-flying. A sütik feldolgozásának elfogadásával nélkülözhetetlen és analitikai sütik kerülnek telepítésre eszközére, amelyeket a weboldal megtekintéséhez használ (az "Értem" gombra kattintva mindkét kategóriát elfogadja, vagy kiválaszthhatja a kategóriák közül csak az egyiket a "Beállítások" gombra kattintva). A technikai sütiket mindig telepítjük az eszközére, az Ön beleegyezése nélkül is, mert ezek nélkül a weboldalunk nem működne. The Hyperfire is an oddly styled blaster. On the one hand, it has a lot of the sharp edges and lines we’ve come to expect from the Elite line. On the other hand, it has just one tactical rail up top, and an unusually large front end. It seems to be a clash of the “tacticool” modern look of Elite with a more futuristic sci-fi styling. I kind of miss all of the (mostly useless) tacticool stuff Nerf could have added–for me, that was part of what made the Elite series. In fairness, it could be argued that tacticool is more the point of the Modulus line.

The handle is decently designed–it’s smooth and fairly comfortable. The handguard could get a little squishy if you have particularly large fingers, but for me is fine. The clip release is well set up and is easily actuated. Its placement inside the handguard means you won’t be able to actuate it easily with your off hand, though that’s only a problem if you’re doing something like a bull-pup Hyperfire. Tartalom személyre szabása Ezek a sütik lehetővé teszik számunkra, hogy az Önről rendelkezésre álló információk alapján tartalmakat és hirdetéseket jelenítsünk meg Önnek, hogy a lehető legjobban ki tudjuk elégíteni az Ön igényeit. Ez legfőképpen ahhoz kapcsolódik, hogy milyen tartalmat tekintett meg, illetve milyen eszközzel lépett be az oldalunkra.

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The Hyperfire retails for 80-90AUD. I got mine for 58AUD during a BigW sale, which is a substantial discount, yet I still feel that I didn’t get a very good deal. Sure, a 25 dart drum is nice, but a pair of 18 dart clips would have been better, and generally more useful. What really breaks the deal for me though is how unusable the Hyperfire is out of box. Yes, as a modder I can fix these problems, but I shouldn’t have to in the first place.Kids can take aim with the Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire blaster and challenge opponents with ultimate speed! For a period of time, it was the official Nerf Dart Tag League blaster. However, it was replaced by the Furyfire in 2009.

Analitikai sütik Ezek az Ön tevékenységeinek nyomon követésére szolgálnak adatelemzés céljából, mint például a reklámozás hatékonyságának értékelése, személyre szabott tartalom felajánlása./span>

Let’s suppose that the Hyperfire didn’t have the massive flaws that made it practically unusable. Because of its relatively short range (for the grey trigger model at least) and higher than average ROF, it presents itself as a decent suppression and area saturation blaster. Its use of Nerf’s clip (mag) system gives it fast reloads and high capacity, something demonstrated well by its included 25 dart drum. It is very easy to fire off bursts of darts, and also very easy to dump an entire mag/drum towards an area. Its relatively poor range and the inherent inaccuracy of Nerf darts means that you’ll likely be firing a lot of angled shots. Its ROF is ideal as an entry point into full auto blasters. It’s fast enough that you get to properly appreciate the benefits of full auto, while still slow enough to control with minimal practice. Rate of fire is the Hyperfire’s key selling point, and thankfully, it does not disappoint. With good, new batteries, you’ll probably see a ROF of around 5-6 darts per second. Like the Rapidstrike, the Hyperfire actually achieves its ROF performance claims! And woah! This thing is super-fun. The Elite darts ping out at a steady pace, with a decent amount of accuracy. I managed a spread of around 20 inches at 20ft from fresh batteries. Distance is quite impressive and plenty good enough for an ammo-sprayer like this. It did manage the claimed 27m range, but with wild inconstency and with no accuracy whatsoever out to that distance. Since the sole tactical rail of the Elite HyperFire is so far forward, I didn’t think the usual Red Dot Sight would be fully suitable. Instead, I opted for the Nerf Modulus Tactical Light. This low profile torch attachment will go perfectly with the HyperFire!

Nélkülözhetetlen sütik Ezek elengedhetetlenek a weboldal és funkcióinak működéséhez, amelyek használatáról Ön dönt. Nélkülük nem működne a weboldalunk, például nem tudna bejelentkezni saját fiókjába, vagy bevásárlói listákat létrehozni.

The design of the blaster is chunky and stubby, further enhancing the feeling of wielding a futuristic Thompson drum-fed submachine gun.

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