Documents from the Luciferians: In Defense of the Nicene Creed (Writings from the Greco-Roman World)

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Documents from the Luciferians: In Defense of the Nicene Creed (Writings from the Greco-Roman World)

Documents from the Luciferians: In Defense of the Nicene Creed (Writings from the Greco-Roman World)

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The National Socialist Movement". New York City: Anti-Defamation League. 2020. Archived from the original on 22 September 2017 . Retrieved 28 December 2020.

Types of Satanism and Their Beliefs - Learn Religions

Some groups are mistaken by scholars for theistic Satanists, such as the First Church of Satan. [3] However, the founder of the FCoS, John Allee, considers what he calls "devil-worship" to often be a symptom of psychosis. Other groups such as the 600 Club, [45] are accepting of all types of Satanists, as are the Synagogue of Satan, which aims for the ultimate destruction of religions, paradoxically including itself, and encourages not self-indulgence, but self-expression balanced by social responsibility. [46] Relation to other theologies [ edit ] In the resulting theistic Satanism, practitioners recognize the existence of one or more supernatural beings. The major god, viewed as a father or older brother, is often called Satan, but some groups identify the leader as a version of the ancient Egyptian god Set. Set is a spiritual entity, based on the ancient Egyptian notion of xeper, translated as "self-improvement" or "self-creation."LaVeyan Satanism is atheistic. According to LaVey, neither God nor Satan are actual beings; the only "god" in LaVeyan Satanism is the Satanist himself. Instead, Satan is a symbol representing the qualities embraced by Satanists. Invoking the name of Satan and other infernal names is a practical tool in Satanic ritual, placing one's focus and will upon those qualities. Partridge, Christopher (2004). The Re-Enchantment of the West: Alternative Spiritualities, Sacralization, Popular Culture, and Occulture. Vol.1. London: T&T Clark. ISBN 0-567-08269-5 . Retrieved 28 May 2020.

Luciferian Principles - Learn Religions

Lucifer of Cagliari ( Latin: Lucifer Calaritanus, Italian: Lucifero da Cagliari; died 20 May 370 or 371) was a bishop of Cagliari in Sardinia known for his passionate opposition to Arianism. He is venerated as a Saint in Sardinia, though his status remains controversial.Lucifer the Lightbearer was an individualist anarchist journal published in the United States by Moses Harman in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It has been reported that "the title was selected, stated Harman, because it expressed the paper's mission. Lucifer, the name given to the morning star by the people of the ancient world, served as the symbol of the publication and represented the ushering in of a new day. He declared that freethinkers had sought to redeem and glorify the name Lucifer while theologians cursed him as the prince of the fallen angels. Harman suggested that Lucifer would take on the role of an educator. 'The God of the Bible doomed mankind to perpetual ignorance,' wrote Harman, 'and [people] would never have known Good from Evil if Lucifer had not told them how to become as wise as the gods themselves. '" [28] Though associated with Satanism, a philosophy based on the Christian interpretation of the fallen angel, Luciferianism differs in that it does not revere merely the devil figure or Satan but the broader figure of Lucifer, an entity representing various interpretations of "the morning star" as understood by ancient cultures such as the Greeks and Egyptians. [22] In this context, Lucifer is a symbol of enlightenment, [23] independence, and human progression and is often used interchangeably with similar figures from ancient beliefs, such as the Greek titan Prometheus or the Jewish Talmudic figure Lilith.

How Luciferians Differ from Satanists - Learn Religions How Luciferians Differ from Satanists - Learn Religions

Zaitchik, Alexander (19 October 2006). "The National Socialist Movement Implodes". Montgomery, Alabama: Southern Poverty Law Center. Archived from the original on 19 September 2015 . Retrieved 28 December 2020. The party's problems began last June, when Citizens Against Hate discovered that NSM's Tulsa post office box was shared by The Joy of Satan Ministry, in which the wife of NSM chairman emeritus Clifford Herrington is High Priestess. [...] Within NSM ranks, meanwhile, a bitter debate was sparked over the propriety of Herrington's Joy of Satan connections. [...] Schoep moved ahead with damage-control operations by nudging chairman emeritus Herrington from his position under the cover of "attending to personal matters." But it was too late to stop NSM Minister of Radio and Information Michael Blevins, aka Vonbluvens, from following White out of the party, citing disgust with Herrington's Joy of Satan ties. "Satanism," declared Blevins in his resignation letter, "affects the whole prime directive guiding the [NSM] – SURVIVAL OF THE WHITE RACE." [...] NSM was now a Noticeably Smaller Movement, one trailed in extremist circles by a strong whiff of Satanism and related charges of sexual impropriety associated with Joy of Satan initiation rites and curiously strong teen recruitment efforts. The diversity of beliefs amongst Satanists, and the theistic nature of some Satanists, was seen in a survey in 1995. Some spoke of seeing Satan not as someone dangerous to those who seek or worship him, but as someone that could be approached as a friend. Some refer to him as Father, though some other theistic Satanists consider that to be confused or excessively subservient. Satan is also portrayed as a father to his daughter, Sin, by Milton in Paradise Lost. A large percentage of theistic Satanists worship Satan conceived as the Devil in the Christian religion. [2] [3] [4] In Christianity, the Devil, also known as Satan or Lucifer, is the personification of evil and author of sin, who rebelled against God in an attempt to become equal to God himself. [a] He is depicted as a fallen angel, who was expelled from Heaven at the beginning of time, before God created the material world, and is in constant opposition to God. [88] [89] A minor sect of theistic satanism reported by Satanist Diane Vera is the Christian-based duotheism. Its practitioners accept that there is a on-going war between the Christian God and Satan, but unlike Christians, they support Satan. Vera says the sect is based on ancient Zoroastrian beliefs about an eternal conflict between good and evil.

A chapel in Cagliari's cathedral is dedicated to a Saint Lucifer. Marie Josephine Louise of Savoy, wife of Louis XVIII of France, is buried there. [ citation needed] van Luijk, Ruben (2016). Children of Lucifer: The Origins of Modern Religious Satanism. Oxford Studies in Western Esotericism. New York City: Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-027512-9 . Retrieved 28 May 2020.

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