Marvel Avengers Titan Hero Series Blast Gear Loki Action Figure, 30-cm Toy, Inspired by the Marvel Universe, For Children Aged 4 and Up

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Marvel Avengers Titan Hero Series Blast Gear Loki Action Figure, 30-cm Toy, Inspired by the Marvel Universe, For Children Aged 4 and Up

Marvel Avengers Titan Hero Series Blast Gear Loki Action Figure, 30-cm Toy, Inspired by the Marvel Universe, For Children Aged 4 and Up

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Hopefully we see Zemo, U.S Agent, Mobius, and Agatha in a series 2. I wonder if they chose not to do some of these characters because they weren't kid friendly enough? Looking at you U.S Agent. They included pet superheroes? That's wild! Makes me wonder if Throg was initially part of Loki's plot but was written out because of the covid rearrangement of things."

I had convinced myself that I'm too old to be collecting Mini-figures... Oh well, another 12 wont hurt!" I honestly love all of these. There are quite a few obvious exclusions, Agetha, Zemo, Batroc, US Agent, Karli, Mobius, Ravonna, “He Who Remains”, but these are all pretty good. " Sylvie Laufeydottir w/Asgardian sword, broken horn helm/crown and cute little Loki-Alligator (no print on head for a horned helmet). I do wish lego still made 16 minifigs per series so we coulda got Zemo, US Agent, George Batroc and Agatha!Yeah, that's true. I just saw the opportunity to make a joking reference to a line from Into the Spider-Verse, and so I took it! I like the two Loki (Loki and Sylvie). I know nothing about the Kermit the frog thingy but I like the baby croc - in my book more Lego system animal is always good.

I share the sentiment of others on the What If? show. Why do we need characters like Zombie cap and... Spider Strange? I don't see the demand for those characters as much as the missing characters from the other shows. Including Maria Rambeau is odd since Agatha was a much more pivotal if not THE pivotal character of WandaVision. Zombie cap should have been replaced by Zemo or Mobius. Spider Strange is an odd choice as well since you can just grab Strange's cape and slap it on a spiderman fig. This series contains twelve minifigures, taking inspiration from WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and What If...? on Disney+. That's it, then: these 12 and my CMF display case is full and I can stop collecting. That is, of course, unless a Mr Gold fortuitously falls out of the sky and I have to make space for it.Oh, Monica has the helicopter! And Vision the... something. Okay I don't remember what that's supposed to resemble, but it looks great with the prints. Few Great ones here I've been waiting for the official Reveal, I love Wanda, Sam, Peggy and T,challa starlord, Thanos Gamora looks rather good too, White vision is .... silver? Where does that come from? Looks ok otherwise but the silver is just wrong

Following considerable anticipation, LEGO has revealed 71031 Marvel Collectable Minifigures on! Monica is really good, the drone is rather unnecessary but I guess she needs an accessory so that's the best they could do, her hair piece is perfect though Is it just me, or does Gamora seem like the odd one out? I assume she's from What If, but I can't tell what is different from the pictures. Oh c’mon, you could give the mini Throg a hammer but you couldn’t get Alligator Loki a little helmet? I’m disappointed Lego!"Some of them are cool, but I feel like on some of them (especially Falcon and Vision) they overdid the printing a bit. They almost don't look like Lego anymore with how detailed they are and lose some of the minifigure charm."

They honestly overdid Captain x figures, we have 3 different Captain Americas and Captain Britain. I would have omitted Zombie Cap in lieu of 1 more Loki figure, such as a TVA hunter (perfect army builder fig). Gamora, Zombie Cap and Spiderman Sorcerer Supreme I reserve judgment for when the What If? Series will air but no complaints on thoseBut, and THE most important of all: Monica Rambeau...although I hope she has a second face print w/her OG ('Original Garment') mask...and I'll swap her 'hands' for 'gloves', as again: 'her OG'

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