Liquid Love: On the Frailty of Human Bonds

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Liquid Love: On the Frailty of Human Bonds

Liquid Love: On the Frailty of Human Bonds

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In his final years, Bauman’s work turned towards postmodernism, globalization, consumerism, and the new poverty. From there rose the concept of liquid modernity, which brings us to our focus today: liquid love. Liquid love in the modern world Liquid love. It’s possible that you have heard about this interesting concept explained by sociologist Zygmunt Bauman who uses this poetic but distressing metaphor to convey the reality that seems to come up rather frequently nowadays: the fragility of relationships.

Bauman himself explains to us that many relationships today are “connections” more than “relationships.” We are no longer talking about just the predominance of new technology and social networks; this concept goes a bit beyond all that. It is something that seems distressing, no doubt about it. We live in a dynamic world where the real sometimes mixes with the virtual, a liquid modernity where many things seem to slip right through our fingers. This is one of the shortcomings of our culture, which pushes us to have a partner even when it would be necessary for individuals to know each other and build their self-esteem before going out to seek emotional and sentimental support in another human being. This leads us to emotional dependence, that is, to depend on the approval and esteem of others to sustain our self-esteem, which can generate suffering and discomfort. We ask participants to practice a ‘two-taps’ signal to clearly indicate that you do not wish to be touched. We demonstrate this to all participants during our initial conversation and ask you to respect the system during the session. Eyal the organiser answers the door. He's friendly and entirely unthreatening, and suddenly I'm not as petrified as I was. His flat smells of incense and Amber later tells me she's surprised he didn't tidy up. We sit fully clothed in a circle while Eyal talks us through the rules. They are pretty much no wanking, no penetration and no standing up on the sheet once it's oily. There's a two-taps-means-no policy, if anyone's wandering hands are unwelcome. Eyal, who gets naked but doesn’t get involved, has been running Liquid Love once or twice a month for the last two years. His neighbours are yet to take part. Eyal warms the olive oil for the session. That’s why, in his uniquely poetic way, Bauman came up with the term liquid love, which is reflected all over the world today. It escapes from our hands because we can’t solidify it and grab hold of it with enough strength, not even our own self-love. We live in an ephemeral, instantaneous world like collectors of liquid events. Every day it gets even harder to create a solid reality made up of self-love and authentic relationships that last over time with enough consistency. The need for self-love to establish real relationships

We ask you not to attend if you are in your first trimeste, but if you are in your second or third trimester you are most welcome but please advise us upon booking.

The metaphor of liquid courses through the book. Relationships are like Ribena for the new uprooted and anxious - taken undiluted, they are nauseating. Our deepest wish is to prevent our relationships from curdling and clotting (that, we fear, is what marriages used to be about). That's not to say that we're all hipster SDCs (semi-detached couples), the self-styled romantic revolutionaries who want separate pads from their partners and a Rolodex filled with ready lovers. We don't all want to pour water on troubled rela tionships, and the SDCs, so emblematic of the liquid modern age, provoke as much hostility as identification. If we maintain relationships with an expiration date, it is because society pushes us to do so , to have increasingly weak and flexible links, to take little root wherever we go. That's how they educate us, that's how we are.We teach children that they can have toys and gadgets technological if they pass the next exam, and we are introducing them into a market culture where one should only be motivated by the rewards that are obtained in exchange for their work, thus canceling the intrinsic motivations and the genuine tastes of each person.The concept is simple: we will pour warm, fine, olive oil on to your skin, from where it will spread out over you body and form a lubricious substance, which allows you to float in a sea together with other oily bodies. A liquid love always leaves us with an empty heart, and that is something that nobody wants. The consumer always remains hungry and deeply unsatisfied. What is the point of living with such great uncertainty? Each session has a different group of people, and therefore each session is different. However, to give you some idea of the flow of a session, we begin by getting to know each other as we talk about the experience we are going to share. You will then ready yourself on the specially prepared surface. As warm oil is poured over the body, you wil be guided through an exploration of yourself and others around you. We encourage non-verbal communication in this part of the afternoon.

Every effort to admit latecomers will be made at a suitable break in the event, but admission cannot always be guaranteed.We invite you to move beyond personal preference and ideas of sexual attraction, into a space of welcoming and appreciating everyone. Many people fail to understand that to love another individual deeply is necessary to love yourself first. This, which is a reality that few doubt, is not usually the basis on which many relationships are built, in which other values ​​and needs that have little to do with emotional well-being prevail. The promoter, venue management and DesignMyNight accept no responsibility for any personal property. We advise a moon cup/tampon for the duration of the guided oil segment of the event. For hygiene purposes a sanitary towel won't be appropriate. Again, each session is different. You are not expected to touch anyone, and you do not have to be touched by anyone. Within the space you are able to experience Liquid Love on your own, or interact with those comfortable with touching and/or being touched. We invite you to explore both dynamics during your session.

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