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It began as any ordinary day. Julie was in the kitchen, cooking breakfast for me and James and listening to the radio. As I came down for breakfast, I notice Julie was a little nervous. I could tell that there was something else bothering her. Maybe the prospect of her date with James at the

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Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile. I was 40, had been married 10-plus years and had a couple of kids. Our marriage had turned into something that made me really unhappy. We barely had sex and our connection seemed completely gone. We fought a lot and it was always me who needed to apologize and compromise. I was going to come clean to my girlfriend because I never had a father growing up and I didn't want to put my child through that. However, she ending up losing it a month or so into the pregnancy and we stopped talking. The story of the girl that had a smelly pussy, did she and her friends leave because they knew you were telling your friends about the smell? Surprisingly, Bonnie kept her mouth defiantly shut, shaking her head and pleading with her eyes as other men continued running their hands all over her most sensual spots. However, she wasn't fooling anyone as her lewd body throbbed like a horny bitch in heat. The faster they rubbed her dripping cunt and the harder they squeezed her sensitive nipples, the more out of control she became as she quivered on her knees with her taped wrists held behind her head.To that end, someone recently asked "cheaters of Reddit" to share stories about how their affairs started and ended. Have you ever been scared? I mean, seriously scared, like terrified scared? I'm very fortunate to only have ever been that scared a couple of times in my life. You know, being in a predicament where you don't know what is happening or could see a way out. I'll tell you this one time, I woke up with my wrists bounded behind me and my mouth duct-taped while lying in a moving vehicle. I remember it was a utility van of some sort with pieces of filthy cardboards covering the metal floor.

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There was nothing coming out of my wife but sultry groans, she was completely lost as her body squirmed against their roaming hands. However, after he slapped her a few times and taunted her again, she came to and whimpered, "No... no... stop... please let me go... I'm not that kind of girl!" Judy heard the screeching tires and she immediately knew who it was. There was only one person who drove like an idiot on Collins Road. She turned her head long enough to see the fire engine red Ford pulling up beside her. Buddy Wright put his head out the window. “You want a ride?” he Idk if this last one counts. But once me and my friends skipped class to smoke with this indian (from india) kid. He was one of those rich ass squares who paid to have friends. So we had him buy a quarter. We went to his house and we were all smoking. Then i had to take a piss. So i was like "wheres the bathroom" he told me. So im taking a piss. I left the door open cuz it was around the corner and i had just told everyone i was going to the bathroom. She moved in across from my apartment a couple weeks later and we started to hang out. One night we slept together. The next day I broke up with my girlfriend. Me and new girl talked and we both wanted to be together.Some of you might think that is noble. However, that kind of attitude is actually quite selfish. I was told by one of Bonnie's friends that no matter what stage of life a woman is in, she always want to feel, look, and be treated sexy. Don't ever tell your wife that you respect her too much to have sex with her. A woman needs to feel desired, sexually desired. And truth is, she wants her man to keep seeing and treating her like his personal slut. The fact I had forgotten about this was why I hadn't touched my wife for months, leading her to be bitchy and fighting with me every day to the brink of near divorce. How is that noble? We made plans to get some dinner and catch up, for old times' sake. It ended in both of us getting drunk, renting a hotel room and having some fun. This happened a few times over the next several months until I get a text from her … it's a picture of a sonogram of our child.

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A sudden squeal came out of Bonnie as the man roughly squeezed one of her tender nipples hard. Laughter echoed in the van from the other men as they watched her humiliation. Then with one harsh move, he ripped that dress top open and exposed my wife's gorgeous braless tits to everyone while she screamed in shame into her gag. My goodness, I had forgotten how hot her breasts looked especially when she was so helpless and vulnerable. Despite being a petite slim Asian woman, they were large, round, yet firm with big dark red nipples. The brisk cool air stung those nipples like needles as they instantly harden before our lustful eyes. Julie had a miscarriage three months after returning from our week holiday in Turkey. To this day I will never know who had made her pregnant me or the young boys or the filthy old men. Since money was tight we decided to advertise in the local university paper for a lodger, to help pay Yes!! Business trip finished a day early, flying home without calling to surprise you! I KNOW I am forgetting something. No matter. I retrieve my car from long term parking and begin the drive home, fantasizing about making love to you tonight. As I turn onto my street, I remember what it was I forgot. Hi Friends, I am posting this series on behalf of my fan who reached out to me to help him compose and edit on his behalf. This story is about Ramesh who is a loving husband 27yrs old and Rekha who is a 21yrs old housewife. Read on in his own words from here. MyIt’s a lovely walk through a cool summer night with smells like freshly mown grass and the memory of teenage lust. It’s cool but I’m sweating. She’s dressed in a flowing blue dress, her hair is down around her shoulders, long and brown and shiningly clean. Her breasts are large under the dress, she’s taken What would you do in such a situation? What could you do? With a splitting headache and pain in my abdomen, I could barely remember much of the evening up to that point. It was supposed to be a great night out, something Bonnie and I couldn't have often anymore at that point in our marriage because of kids. However, that night my parents offered to take the toddlers and we gladly set out on our date night. We needed that night because we had been arguing almost every day for a while. Truth is, I'm one of those few people who can be honest with themselves and confess that sex life got boring after kids. And a bad sex life always leads to fighting. I met a woman 15 years younger at the office. We started flirting and it turned into an intense emotional affair that lasted about a month. I fell deeply in love with her and decided I should really divorce my wife, since I was so unhappy. I told my wife about the other woman and that I wanted to divorce. Making out progressed to oral then she really wanted to have sex one night. I declined at first (really) but we had sex. Then again, and again. A few years ago, I met this amazing guy. Let's call him Guy A. Fell very much in love with him, he was so kind and sweet. We kissed a few times and hooked up once, but he was starting to see this other girl, so it never went further than that. I was pretty heartbroken over it.

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Former work associates, we'd hung out a few times and just watched TV/movies, smoked, drank but nothing happened for a long time. I had an emotional and physical attraction to her, and the feeling was mutual. But we never crossed a line. Because cheating, no matter what one's reasons may be, is so complicated, the stories behind affairs are almost always decidedly juicy. (There is a reason why they make for the most compelling fodder for supermarket tabloids and prestige drama TV shows.)I feel like I have no excuses to offer for the reason I cheated on my girlfriend. I was 18 at the time and had been with my girlfriend for three months, and during that time I became close to one of her other friends. Soon I found myself happier with her friend and I started wanting to spend more time with her than with my girlfriend. She explained sometime after this that at the beginning she was feeling distant from her husband, he was pushing her to have kids and, according to her, being a d---. I wasn't that guy. He gave me this sob story about how Kelly wanted a divorce and was taking his kid from him. I (stupidly) believed him, we exchanged numbers, started talking daily. He invited me over to 'his' apartment, showed me his divorce paperwork, and ultimately things got sexual for a couple weeks. I was young — 19. I had been with a girl for a year when my parents decided I needed to pay rent, so I found a roommate and got an apartment. Day one I go to the office to turn in my walk through paperwork. The girl in the office made my heart skip. She made me a believer in the idea of love at first sight.

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