CURVER Toilet Brush with Holder in Knitted Look, Brown, 14 x 14 x 43 cm

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CURVER Toilet Brush with Holder in Knitted Look, Brown, 14 x 14 x 43 cm

CURVER Toilet Brush with Holder in Knitted Look, Brown, 14 x 14 x 43 cm

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The included container seemed sturdy and while it did tip over when we nudged it with our toe during testing, it’s easy to stow in a corner where this is unlikely to happen. We did notice the brush was slightly damp and had a slight odor after drying, and there were a few drops of water in the container, which also had a slight smell. It’s probably best to let this air dry before storing, but there was no evidence of mold. We tested 16 toilet brushes at our lab in Des Moines, Iowa. We started by placing the brush in their included storage containers (where applicable) and bumped into them several times, noting if they tipped over or were sturdy enough to stay upright. The scrub head left some small smear marks on the porcelain, but otherwise, we saw no scratches. The scrub head proved to be quite sturdy—it didn’t detach from the handle during use and it didn’t disintegrate as we thought it might. The used head comes off very easily—just press the button to release the sponge head into the trash.

We then tested the durability of the brush and bristles, applying pressure on the brush at several different angles in our test toilet to see how sturdy it was and whether the bristles scratched the inside of the toilet bowl.Cleaning the toilet is no one’s favorite chore. We tested nine toilet brushes — both non-disposable and disposable — and brush-plunger combos and chose the SimpleHuman model as the best toilet brush because of its useful and clever design, cleaning power and mess-free storage. We also recommend the OXO – Good Grips, a hygienic budget option, and the best disposable toilet brush from Clorox makes cleaning the toilet and brush a mere minute-long process. Important features to consider Once the brush head was removed, it was easy to store the handle in the front of the storage container—it had a small hole to hold the handle upright, while the extra sponge heads were kept inside. We do wish the disposable scrub heads were more sustainable and eco-friendly, but because of its lightweight, easy-to-use design and effective cleaning performance, this toilet brush earned its place atop our list of best toilet brushes. The toilet brush was comfortable to hold, but because there was no contour to the handle, the grip felt a bit slippery. The brush itself fits nicely in the slot in the base, but there is a bit of a learning curve with remembering to press the button at the tip of the handle to remove it. We liked how easily it slipped into the container, which is weighted at the bottom to prevent tipping. Then, we applied a thin layer of clay mask around our test toilet bowl and under the rim. After letting it dry for two minutes, we used the brushes to clean the toilet bowl. We used any integrated cleaning solution that came with the toilet brush, but otherwise we relied on the wet brush alone to clean the clay mask.

Durability: We tested durability by pressing the bristles into the toilet bowl as hard as possible to see if they warped. We approximated what might happen when you’re cleaning a particularly dirty toilet or what might happen to your toilet brush with continued use over time. For disposable brushes, we assessed the ease of changing the disposable pad. We found the Polder Sleek Stainless Steel Toilet Brush with Caddy was easy to maneuver and cleaned the toilet well. However, the brush’s rod was too long to store properly in its container. It tipped easily when bumped, plus there wasn’t enough room for the brush to dry properly, so mildew growth could be an issue. The design of this IKEA toilet brush is simple, yet effective. Attached to the long straight white handle is a sturdy brush head made from gray plastic bristles, which were concealed when we inserted the brush in the white plastic holder. The integrated cleaning solution on the brush head lathered up nicely in water, and it scrubbed away the clay mask easily. The slim design of the sponges made it easy to reach under the rim to clean, too. The bowl was clean in about five scrubs, and the brush head didn’t leave behind a single scuff or scratch, even with added pressure.The mDesign toilet brush and holder uses a clever concept that’s somewhat similar to the OXO. The plastic-bristle brush fits snugly into the container, thanks to a sleeve at the top of the brush that, when inserted into the holder, acts as the holder’s top. You never need to touch the brush, and any odors are sealed inside the holder. Bristle type: Most toilet-brush bristles are made of nylon, and we prefer this stiff plastic material for scrubbing. Silicone brushes are less common and a bit more expensive; they’re flexible and easier to clean, but they don’t scrub as well. The way bristles are set in the brush can also affect how long the brush takes to dry, so watch out for dense, criss-crossing bristles that trap moisture and grime. The bristles on the Boomjoy Toilet Brush head are made of widely spaced synthetic-rubber spikes, making it less brush-like, but more clean-feeling and easier to use than other brushes we tested. It dried especially well after testing, but because the brush spikes are more spread out, it took longer to clean the toilet and to get rid of all the toilet cleaner from the sides of the bowl. Using the brush felt like we were just swirling cleaning product around rather than actually scrubbing. During our testing, we found that the lightweight toilet brush had a long handle that was comfortable to grip and maneuver to reach all around the inside of the toilet. We loved how simple it was to connect and detach the brush heads. We did have to touch the clean one to firmly attach it to the brush handle, but we didn’t have to go near it after it had been used—we simply pressed the button to release the scrub head into the trash. Handle material and length: A toilet brush’s handle can make the difference between a good and great brush. The handle should be stiff enough to help you scrub, but it also shouldn’t get in your way. Handles that are too long, too short or that bend at odd angles can make the cleaning process harder.

We liked that the brush was small and compact, plus the design gave it a nice aesthetic. We thought the brush performed very well given its budget-friendly price. When buying partner items like this one, your contract of sale will be with our Range Plus Partner instead of The Range.By working with a variety of trusted Range Plus Partners, we’re able to offer our customers a wider selection of products. Overall, we found the Oxo easy to use, clean, and store. When storing it, we found it was completely dry after 24 hours with no odors or mildew. A curved handle might make it even easier to maneuver, particularly to get into the S trap of a toilet, but for cleaning inside the bowl, it’s quite effective.

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