Counterfeit: A Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick and New York Times BESTSELLER - the most exciting and addictive heist novel you’ll read this summer!

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Counterfeit: A Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick and New York Times BESTSELLER - the most exciting and addictive heist novel you’ll read this summer!

Counterfeit: A Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick and New York Times BESTSELLER - the most exciting and addictive heist novel you’ll read this summer!

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Width. Counterfeit textbooks often don't have the same width as the authentic ones, as illegal producers The novel starts out well enough. We are introduced to Ava, the main character, who struggles as a new mom to a (I think?) developmentally challenged son and her husband (a cardiac surgeon), while they somehow have money problems. Already, this is drastically unrealistic but alright... go on.

COUNTERFEIT | Kirkus Reviews COUNTERFEIT | Kirkus Reviews

While the “whats” of the story are detailed out, the “whys” aren’t. The motivation/rationale behind most character decisions isn’t explained at all.Binding. It differs from the one of the authentic textbook. The glue can be of a different color and unevenly distributed along the binding, and the book may generally look poorly made. Books with bindings for which cheap glue was used also smell differently than an original quality edition. The curvature of the spine can also be different (e.g., too flat or bent). What is about purses that we lean toward all the name brands? I think compared to any other item, purses is where many women tend to splurge. And that’s what these counterfeit purse operations try to take advantage of. The story offers some interesting insights into the luxury handbags business (both genuine and counterfeit). I am the “Jon Snow” of luxury brands; I know nothing! So reading this fun take on the overpriced goods market and also seeing the companies getting a bit of comeuppance was enjoyable. The book is divided in various parts. The first part is written in Ava’s first person perspective, whereby she is narrating her experiences with Winnie and also her personal issues to the detective handling the case. After a while, it became very clear that Ava was quite self-centred and whiny, and her insecurities had been manipulated by Winnie, thereby making her an unwilling participant in her nefarious business. And then comes Part II, where you are forced to question whatever you read till then. I liked Part I but it is Part II and what came beyond that enhanced the book from a 3 star to a higher rating.

Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen | Goodreads Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen | Goodreads

The sequel to It Ends With Us (2016) shows the aftermath of domestic violence through the eyes of a single mother. Kirstin Chen keeps readers on the edge of their seats as she weaves an addictive tale about the high/low world of counterfeit luxury handbags, spanning San Francisco to Guangzhou. A glittering, provocative read.” — Janice Y. K. Lee, New York Times bestselling author of The Expatriates The point is, they’re status symbols. A Harvard Degree is not so different from a designer handbag. They both signal that you’re part of the “CLUB;” they open doors.” In this delicious romp about a counterfeit bag scheme, you’ll get “Hustlers” meets “The Bling Ring” meets “Molly’s Game.” . . . This one is so fast-paced and bingeable that it’s already been scooped up to be turned into a TV show.” — theSkimm, Buzzy Beach Reads of 2022 Chen’s third novel, published Tuesday by William Morrow, tells the story of Ava, a Chinese American lawyer who joins with an old college roommate in a long con involving counterfeit handbags. A critic for Kirkus called the book “a delightfully different caper novel with a Gone Girl–style plot twist.”Ava Wong has always followed the rules. She appears to have achieved the perfect life. She married a Doctor, Oli, she’s a corporate lawyer, a graduate of Stanford, and has a 2 year old son, Henri. They live in San Francisco. It is somewhat stereotypical of Chinese-Americans and the Chinese. (A part of the stereotypical thinking is what Ava uses to gain sympathy in the eyes of the detective. I am not sure if this is a stereotypical portrayal of the culture or Ava’s attempt to capitalise on white people’s stereotypes about her culture. But even otherwise, there are a few clichéd ideas about Asians.) Swift, surprising, and sharply comic, Counterfeit is a stylish and feminist caper with a strong point of view and an axe to grind. Peering behind the curtain of the upscale designer storefronts and the Chinese factories where luxury goods are produced, Kirstin Chen interrogates the myth of the model minority through two unforgettable women determined to demand more from life.

Counterfeit – HarperCollins

How good is Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen? The story of two Asian American women’s wildly successful counterfeit handbag scheme has already been optioned for television.” — Popsugar, The Best New Book Releases So Far We have seen some amazing works of fiction from expatriate Asian authors. The amount of support these Asian-American Writers got recently was a really praiseworthy one. But a few new generation authors who are running behind instant fame through their galling creations are trying to belittle the brilliant work done by other authors from the Asian diaspora. A few Chinese authors living in America, Europe, Singapore, and a few Indian authors residing in America and Europe who write exotically about their race are adding oil to the racial stereotyping. Yes, another scam story — Ava Wong reconnects with her college roommate, Winnie Fang, and unexpectedly joins Winnie in her counterfeit handbag scheme, going as far as traveling to China to visit business partners and the factories where their fakes are made. This is very out of character for Ava who has always played it safe but with things falling apart at home, it’s a risk she is willing to take. When their scheme is threatened and Winnie bolts, Ava is forced to face the consequences and must decide how to best play her hand.This entertaining novel about two former roommates who run a counterfeit luxury handbag scam has it all!” — Buzzfeed Counterfeit is decadent and delicious. The sparkling story line seduces with its compelling twists and turns even as Kirstin Chen deftly interrogates issues of race, identity, wealth and consumerism. A true delight for mind and heart from beginning to end.” — Jean Kwok, New York Times bestselling author of Searching for Sylvie Lee It is not quite what the marketing copy claims, not glitter and diamonds, it is much more rooted in realism and the everyday, even if Ava has a charmed (but miserable) life. Ava has money, a career, a husband, a child, but Ava has hit a wall after spending her whole life doing everything she is supposed to. She's unhappy but can't admit it. It is no surprise that she can't avoid getting involved with her one-time college roommate Winnie when she suddenly reappears. Winnie left school in scandal and though Ava doesn't admit it, this is part of the attraction. the two female MCs were clever and strong. one of the female MCs is recounting the entire story to a detective so you know something goes wrong… but do they get away with it? what happens? how does it all go down? some people don’t like the “telling” vs “showing” trope of a book (think BLOOD SUGAR) but i didn’t mind it one bit.

Counterfeit Textbooks On Counterfeit Textbooks

A startling, gleeful look at the American Dream and what counts as real in a world obsessed with image, this caper story follows two very different Chinese American women as they build a fake fashion empire that then threatens to come crashing down. Chen’s use of story structure is masterful, as are her complicated, compelling characters.” — Grace D. Li, The Washington Post I should have stopped at 30%, when I realized that I’m not the right target for this book. But I read the whole thing, therefore I can be honest. College roommates Ava Wong and Winnie Fang were never close—but now they are literally partners in crime, with a designer handbag scam as brazen as it is foolproof. Clever, catty fun.” — People , Best Books of Summer 2022 At first you may think you know Ava and you may think you know this book. But don't worry, the book is a few steps ahead of you and it is more than meets the eye. This isn't really a spoiler at all, after all, a book all about counterfeiting can't be exactly what it claims to be on the surface, can it? Witherspoon responded with the comment, “Twinning!! I love this book so much! Perfect summer read.”It didn't take long for the story to hook me. I was already having an enjoyable time when the author shifted gears somewhat and that just took the book to the next level. Clever writing for sure. My only wish is for the ending to be more fleshed out. Small gripe though as overall it was a good summer read. My thanks to HarperCollins UK and NetGalley for the DRC of “Counterfeit”. This review is voluntary and contains my honest opinion about the book. Three woman who join together to rent a large space along the beach in Los Angeles for their stores—a gift shop, a bakery, and a bookstore—become fast friends as they each experience the highs, and lows, of love.

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