Lucky Duck Games | Chronicles of Crime | Board Game | Ages 14+ | 1-4 Players | 60-90 Minute Playing Time

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Lucky Duck Games | Chronicles of Crime | Board Game | Ages 14+ | 1-4 Players | 60-90 Minute Playing Time

Lucky Duck Games | Chronicles of Crime | Board Game | Ages 14+ | 1-4 Players | 60-90 Minute Playing Time

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In the course of investigating a domestic murder case, Goo Do Han finds evidence implicating Noh Sang Cheon as a suspect. How could it be that this fraudster—thought to have died years ago—is linked to the case? It falls to Goo Do Han to try to determine if Noh Sang Cheon is actually dead or not. If he is dead, who could the real murderer be? If not, where was Noh Sang Cheon hiding all this time? As the detective continues to investigate, he begins to wonder if there might be a link between the fraud of eight years ago and the mysterious murder. The 5 cases that come with the game are great, but sadly as they are a one-and-done experience you're likely to run out of content fast. IMMERSE YOURSELF IN A MYSTERY: Solve gripping crimes and mysteries in this thrilling board game that blends detective work with cutting-edge technology. To go to a location in Chronicles of Crime you will scan it’s QR code and meet any people there. To interview them you simply scan them and then any evidence or characters you want to ask them about, the only limitation is you cannot directly ask them about locations. Evidence cards have general titles like ‘Books’ and ‘Medicine and Drugs’ which actually makes it work really well. Scanning footprints you have found when interviewing someone will reveal their shoe size for example. Chronicles of Crime 1400 is an app-driven investigative board game. It uses the core rules from the original Chronicles of Crime, but has an entirely new setting and is a complete stand-alone product. In this article, we’ll review the game, spoiler-free, and also have a look at what’s new for anyone who’s already played Chronicles of Crime.

Final Score: 3.5 Stars – A good app integrated game with some intriguing stories that leans a bit too much on the app for my taste. The app adds dimensions to the game. It allows characters to behave realistically and have their own lives within the world. On a mechanical level, it also makes Chronicles of Crime effortless to play. The scanning works perfectly, and next steps are clearly indicated. I enjoy the cognitive aspects when it comes to deciding whom to ask about what evidence and digging for evident locate other suspects.Was mir sehr gut gefallen hat war, dass wir sofort losspielen konnten. Keine komplizierte Anleitung, sondern das Spiel erklärt sich von selbst. The base game (Chronicles of Crime) lets you investigate murders and other crimes as police officers in modern day London, and with the expansions you can either be a hardboiled private investigator in the 1950’s Los Angeles, or teen members of the Redview Mystery Gang in 1980’s Maine. Chronicles of Crime 1400 is as good as the original, and it’s Paris setting is captured well. 1400 will be followed by 2 more standalone games, set in different timezones, but following the same family. The premise sees you solving crimes across Paris, which is the exact premise of the former two as well, just with a changing timeline. Instead of an evidence hunting dog as you found in 1400, it’s a Cyber-raven, and instead of visions, you might have cybernetic implants. It’s possible that if you don’t like previous versions, you’re unlikely to like this one, because I didn’t find anything particularly new or refreshing to it – because it’s merely a change of setting and some new investigations to complete. However if you did, you’ll find this one to be perfectly engaging. Without including spoilers, there were a few aspects I really had to think to figure out, and I enjoyed the whole process – though arguably, this was an easier one to complete than 1900. I love the setting of medieval Paris, I love the dog companion (Perceval!), and I especially love the inclusion of the Visions.

During the investigation, players will also discover new locations, and place the location display board in play. They can then scan the location QR code to travel to that destination, and talk to the characters there. Discovered characters are placed on locations, and undiscovered characters are placed on a central clue board until they’re found. Characters, like items and locations, are scanned when you want to interact with them. They can then be questions about other characters and items you have discovered. In Chronicles of Crime 1400 players start off with a blank board, and populate it, along with the location boards as they investigate. At the start of a game, you choose in the app which case you want to play. During a short introduction, you will hear about an important character or two, and a location where you can start your investigation. To play with a lot of players (we were 10 players!) we pass around the phone during the time to look at the crime scene (there is unlimited times you can view a crime scene) and then after everybody has had a look - players say what they think the clues are in the crime scene. For actions, it's just a group vote on what action the group does. (go to a location, talk to a guy, etc.)The way the narratives and the investigation mechanics merge together is very satisfying, and the pacing of each case is generally good. Great online store for board games. They always arrive perfectly and undamaged which is important to me. As an optional buy, you can even get little glasses that clip over your phone to magnify things. I didn’t much care for those, as they strained my eyes a little. However, I did appreciate that I could pass the view onto my iPad, which was much easier to see from. When playing with a large group, streaming the view to your TV would be great to let others easily view at the same time.

To add to the pressure, everything you do in the app costs time. Have to repeat a search or a question? Boom more time gone. Will another pair of eyes be worth it or a massive waste of time? When you think you have enough evidence to solve the case you will be asked a serious of questions and then marked on your answers. The satisfaction of solving a case completely correctly is akin to beating an escape room – it feels like an achievement. About a week after playing Chronicles of Crime for the first time I watched Murder on the Orient Express and solved it before that Poirot fella did. That could be because it was startlingly obvious or maybe Chronicles stood me in good stead…This game says it is only for four players but if you want to scale up the game for more players you can easily do it. It also is a very spectator-friendly game. is a standalone entry in the series that adds in prophetic dreams that you as the main character has, leading you too clues and lines of enquiry. Replacing your high tech modern team of advisors is your well connect family and trusty hound. Your dog can find people through smell! It works wonderfully well and adds to this already excellent series. If you like the sound of app assisted mystery solving, but the Middle Ages are not your preferred setting, there are multiple other Chronicles of Crime games. My sister and I really spent a range of 1.5hours to 5 hours for different cases of different difficulty levels. It's not limited to the standard 5 suspects from games of other brands so it makes you really think out of the box.

When you think you have all the pieces of information necessary to solve the case, you press “Solve the Case” in the app and answer a series of questions. By the end, the app tells you if you were correct or not, and gives you a written summary of the full course of events. Play Experience In Chronicles of Crime (London Forensic), players will have five unique story-driven cases to solve plus a full tutorial to introduce you to the game. Each scenario is written by experienced authors to give you the most immersive experience while you solve both individual and series of connecting criminal cases! Great thriller with a twist at every episode! Just completed 6 episodes. Every episode ends with a question that begs to be answered, and it will be during the next episode. Loading up the app for the first time takes you into a simple tutorial case, but don’t be fooled; subsequent cases up the ante and subtlety significantly. Cases will involve you being called to a scene which you can generally examine using the app. This can be done with the separate VR Module attached to your phone, or just through the phone's display. If you are playing with friends you will be frantically be shouting out all the things you see as they rifle through the clue cards to find something that might relate.

The new Chronicles of Crime: 1900 standalone game challenges players not only to skillfully collect evidence and interrogate suspects but also to solve some escape-room-style puzzles incorporated into each scenario. Using the same set of physical components (a board and cards representing locations, characters, and items), the Chronicles of Crime app lets you and your friends step into a world of mystery and play out your investigations.

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