Buggernation Street Annual 1975

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Buggernation Street Annual 1975

Buggernation Street Annual 1975

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Brassy, buxom Elsie still has the scabs as a memento of her relationship with Len, but has recently set up home with Alan Howard. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Cookie preferences, as described in the Cookie notice. Alan is on a week’s release from the loony bin, but Elsie refuses to be seen in public with him at a bonfire event.

Meanwhile, Albert persuades Ken to let him give a lecture at the Community Centre about his centuries serving Queen, Country and Empire; he doesn’t realise the audience receiving his talk on how he defeated the ‘fuzzy-wuzzies’ might not be particularly receptive. Len is in a foul mood as a swimming contest featuring the under-14s in bikinis is relocated from Weatherfield Baths to the lido - a venue he’s barred from. Albert also dismisses Alan’s reliance on aromatic erection oils, revealing to Elsie an unlikely old tip he reckons works far better. After being persuaded by Alan that another threesome with Elsie will result in a harmonious household, Lucille agrees. Putting any of that on screen would lead to an instant ban and it would be rightly labelled pornography – especially as the YT of today has clambered up on top of the moral high-horse and laughably appears to regard itself as a barometer of family-friendly decency.The small number of critics who spoke up for the series praised its ‘realism’, pointing out that ‘Buggernation Street’ was not just the only programme on television where the characters went to the toilet (and commented on it afterwards), but was a rare example of a show in which those in it spoke the unvarnished language of real people. Hearst UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, Leicester Square, London, SW1Y 4AJ. Len is a builder by trade, but has numerous deviant outside interests, most prominently his passion for posing as a children's swimming instructor at Weatherfield Baths. Back on the Street, Deirdre rejects Billy’s offer to run one of his ‘Walker’s Saunas’ in Accrington as a madam and she quits his payroll, deciding to work from home alone. Following the abrupt disappearance of the ‘Buggernation Street’ back catalogue from YouTube, a special mini-episode of the series has been produced as a response to the outrageous expulsion of this national institution from the premier platform for online videos.

Just casually leave it on your coffee table and you’ll find your uninvited guests will suddenly remember they have an urgent appointment to keep elsewhere! After years of rumours that individual cast members had preserved copies of ‘missing episodes’, these eventually started to resurface too.Stan forks out 6p on a card for Hilda, Ray promises to lavish Angel Delight and Blue Nun on Deirdre, Jerry places a suggestive ad in the classifieds section of the local paper, Ken organises a junior disco at the community centre, and Alan persuades Lucille to indulge in a threesome with him and Elsie.

Teenager Lucille Hewitt lodges with Elsie, but only makes occasional appearances, presumably spending most of her time in her bedroom frigging herself off to pictures of David Cassidy. Meanwhile, Ken fails to impress his missus yet again and Bet struggles to cope at the Rovers when Billy is back at the bookies. I pms at these,’ is not perhaps a statement that will be forever enshrined in the annals of great quotes.But shazza is nevertheless a notable figure to me, for his/her comment was the last to ever grace a video on my YouTube channel, the final person provoked into saying something after enjoying one of my offerings on a platform that had twelve long years of providing satirical and/or bawdy entertainment for the masses who were incapable of raising even a moderate titter at the woeful excuse for comedy that television serves-up these days. Yes a lot of their non Buggernation Street videos came across as pretty grim from the descriptions, never watched any of them.

The women nominate Maggie as the bride for this year’s Weatherfield Wedding, an annual mock marriage ceremony staged as an excuse for a communal piss-up in fancy hats. Satire at it's best, top notch and merciless, aiming right for the jugular and centred around the mid 1970s which is my era. It’s that time of the year again when Albert Tatlock wins his annual accolade, marked by a street party during the day and a fancy dress do at the Rovers in the evening; celebrations are extended when Betty is voted ‘Barmaid Babe of the Month’ and Bet’s bitterness at being excluded from the contest is compensated for by a private film show at Len’s place. It remained out of sight until the 28 surviving episodes began to find their way onto YouTube in the 2010s, resurrecting it as a bad taste cult classic from the pre-PC world. The Rovers takes on the Flying Horse in a sporting contest: Len doesn’t quite live up to the standards of Graham Miles, but Betty and Ena triumph in darts and dominoes respectively.Also, Lucille is tracked down to a grotty bedsit and Elsie pressurises Alan into bringing her back home; he does so and appears to have ironed out his problems with the threesome in the process. Elsie gladly volunteers to do the dirty deed, but an entire team has to be assembled to plot and enact a tricky operation.

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