Lacalut Toothpaste White And Repair 75ml

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Lacalut Toothpaste White And Repair 75ml

Lacalut Toothpaste White And Repair 75ml

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The manufacturer of Lacalut Asset stated that the drug should fight with tartar. But in fact, it can only help with small deposits and yellow plaque. Therefore, it will not be possible to avoid a periodic visit to the dentist for professional toothbrushing, but this toothpaste may be suitable as a prevention of dental plaque formation. When the gums bleed Lakalut Asset toothpaste should not be used for too long, as this can lead to serious health problems. But periodic or course use of the drug is quite acceptable. Children's toothpastes that contain aluminum lactate should be used with caution. Children under 8 years old are completely contraindicated. What else is in Lacalut Aktive Toothpaste? All toothpastes of the Lacalut series, including Lacquer Sensitive and White toothpastes, are produced in tubes according to: → Hygiene → Composition, varieties and properties of toothpaste Lacalut Aktiv

LACALUT® range | Lacalut LACALUT® range | Lacalut

Lacalut toothpastes from the White series are positioned as whitening and able to restore (restore) the natural whiteness of a smile. An important point - you should not expect that these products, like hydrogen peroxide, brighten tooth enamel: no, in this case we are talking about mechanical clarification of the surface of the teeth by removing various pigmented deposits.

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Lacalute can be used in the absence of any dental pathologies, but it is better to practice the course use of the drug. The maximum recommended period for brushing your teeth with Lacalut paste without interruptions is 60 days, but it is better to use it no more than 30 days. The next 2-3 months should be brushed with toothpaste in which there is no aluminum lactate. After that, you can again apply Lacalut Aktiv or bleaching paste from the same manufacturer. With tartar Especially for the prevention of periodontitis and bleeding gums. Sensitivity and sensitivity to pain is reduced, the gums are strengthened and gum disease is prevented. All products are positioned as safe for the health of the child, they can be swallowed, they have a pleasant taste, so the kids are pleased to clean their teeth with such pastes.

LACALUT® aktiv toothpaste | Lacalut

A domestic consumer, striving to obtain high quality at an affordable price, often gravitates to German-made products. Well, Lacalut toothpastes are no exception here, as they are made in Germany - and many are not averse to buying them for this reason alone. Lacalut toothpaste tastes good and has a sweet menthol odor. According to the results of numerous surveys, it is after its use that halitosis completely disappears, and fresh breath lasts the longest. A key feature of the Lacalyut Asset series of pastes is the fight against bleeding gums. They help to cope with plaque on the teeth, and with increased sensitivity of enamel, and with carious spots. But most of all they are suitable for people who suffer from periodontal diseases. Thus, to solve the problem of tooth sensitivity, the composition of the Lacalut Extra Sensitive paste was developed quite well (in most cases, the effect will be felt after the first application). This product is well suited as a restorative after the procedure of the so-called cabinet teeth whitening. The paste restores the microflora of the oral cavity and restores freshness to the breath. Lacalut Aktiv Herbal fights periodontal disease, stomatitis and bleeding gums. Due to the natural composition, this toothpaste can be used for a long time and even a little longer than the permissible 60 days. Lacalut Aktiv Intensive Cleansing Lacalut is one of Germany’s oldest dental care brands and through innovation, expertise and passion has been ensuring healthy and carefree smiles for over 90 years. Driven by its customers’ wishes, Lacalut researches and develops its products in the Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH research institute in Homburg and sells them in over 60 countries around the world.In addition, the assortment contains other, including somewhat exotic toothpastes: Fitoformula, Alpin, Duo, Basic, Fluor, Fluor Gel and Flora. In general, not only ordinary consumers (with rare exceptions), but also experienced dentists respond positively to Lacalute toothpastes.

Lacalut Toothpaste: Reviews from Dentists and Consumers Lacalut Toothpaste: Reviews from Dentists and Consumers

the effect on the gums is immediately noticeable through its astringent effect. The gums are tightened and strengthened. Bacterial plaque is removed and new growth is reduced. LACALUT extra sensitive toothpaste combines the proven LACALUT protection formula with innovative active ingredients. The Lacalut® brand is constantly creating new goods in a local research institution in Homburg, driven by the needs of its clients. Thus, having bought Lakalyut Active toothpaste, the consumer receives a therapeutic effect of a wide orientation: Lacalut White does not contain hydrogen peroxide. Its abrasive particles are presented in a concentration that is safe for the health of enamel. Thanks to this, White paste effectively and sparingly copes with plaque and age spots, restoring natural whiteness to teeth.White Edelweiss - here the “highlight” to the whitening effect is the presence of alpine edelweiss extracts, sage, cuff and verbena. Due to this, a pronounced anti-inflammatory, wound healing and antioxidant effects are achieved; For those who tend to succumb to some hysteria prevailing around aluminum salts in recent times: Lacalut products have been tested and approved by the German Society of Dentists, and the children's series was awarded by the Children's Dental Center of the University of Leipzig. The SRI of Dentistry of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation also confirmed the high quality of all brand name products. I’ve been familiar with Lacalut pastes for about 20 years. I have been working as a dentist myself, so I know that in the 90s of the last century, these German pastes were the only normal option, though they cost decent then. And what is surprising, for all the time the quality remained at its best. Already a couple of generations of patients have passed through my hands, and I recommend Lacalut to anyone who is interested. I observe the result: in general, in patients switching to Lacalyut, caries appears less often and the gums are healthy. I use Lakalyut Active myself. Great facilities. ” In total, the Lacalut line of pastes for adults is represented by almost twenty items. It would seem easy to get confused. However, in this assortment three key groups can be distinguished: The second product of the Active series is Lacalut Aktiv Herbal: it is based on the paste described above, but with the addition of plant components (chamomile, eucalyptus, star anise, thyme, sage, myrrh, mint and fennel). Thus, the anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties of this product can be considered more pronounced.

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Since 1977, Lacalut toothpastes appeared in the USSR, and today they are popular in all countries of the former Soviet Union. You can buy such a paste in almost any more or less large pharmacy. potassium chloride - potassium ions reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings in the dentinal tubules;

Lacalut Asset

The presence of pyrophosphates, which are effective complexing agents, allows you to gradually destroy the tartar matrix by extracting calcium ions from it. However, it should be understood that this sometimes has a negative effect, since calcium will also be extracted to some extent from the surface layer of tooth enamel. That is why the use of toothpastes with pyrophosphates is usually not recommended for people with sensitive teeth. I have been using Lacalut toothpastes for a long time, so I leave my review. For several years I tried almost all the series, and after a while I was not particularly thrilled. Some pastas are generally the same, only the name is slightly different and the taste. Another disappointment was the whitening series. I did not notice any whitening, it even seemed to me that a light cream shade appeared in the teeth. It’s not that it became terrible, but you still expect from such a brand that promises are being kept. I only like the series of assets, now I use it as the main one, and sometimes experiment with whitening pastes of other brands. ”

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