Putin's Prisoner: My Time as a Prisoner of War in Ukraine

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Putin's Prisoner: My Time as a Prisoner of War in Ukraine

Putin's Prisoner: My Time as a Prisoner of War in Ukraine

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I'm a fairly calm fellow; I don't usually get het up about things. But I was, let's say, concerned when I tuned into the Moscow Echo radio station and heard that the Kremlin had put a price on my head. The announcement didn't quite say 'dead or alive'. But it came close...' Mikhail Khodorkovsky, March 2021 In the midst of one of the darkest acts of aggression in modern history - Russia's invasion of Ukraine - this book shines a light on Putin's rule and poses urgent questions about how the world must respond. After the fall of the erstwhile Soviet Union, Russia went into a spiral of violence and dire financial straits under the bumbling leadership of Boris Yeltsin. Russia transformed itself into an era of the free market economy after decades of tight governmental control on the economy, entrepreneurship and finance in the country. But this transformation was far from smooth, and during the reign of Yeltsin, crony capitalism held sway over the country. Rampant crime and corruption were commonplace. Yeltsin’s hold on the country was dithering all the more because of the scourge of addiction to alcohol that he was suffering from. It was at this juncture that the ruling elite decided that a newcomer who would firmly remain in their control should be brought to the helm of affairs in the country. Another low point during the Putin years was the crisis in Ukraine where the ruling dispensation was trying to gain admission into the European Union. Putin convinced the Ukrainian Government to remain within the Russian sphere of influence and the uprisings that happened in Kiev were ruthlessly put down. Eventually, Russia invaded Crimea (a part of Ukraine) which was of strategic importance to Russia. This invited the wrath of the western nations in the form of sanctions. From Putin's point of view, he was probably right in his approach to the crisis because the western powers were trying to undermine the strategic interests of the country. The separatist uprising in Chechnya was another challenge that Putin faced early on in his tenure as the President. Islamic terror had raised its ugly head in the Muslim dominated province conveniently camouflaged as a fight for independence. The western nations found this to be a perfect situation to destabilise the Putin regime and they left no stone unturned in trying to foment trouble in the restive province. The Beslan hostage-taking incident by Chechen separatists led to the death of almost 300 children primarily due to the inept handling of the situation by the Russian Government. But Putin used this tragedy to ensure a stranglehold on the provinces where he installed his cronies to head the local governments.

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It's the mental toll of doing the propaganda, but it's also the mental toll of being taken out as well," Mr Aslin said. Critics point to Putin’s work for the KGB as revealing the core of the man, as so often investing its members with inhuman powers of control, deception, amorality and evil. Short, instead, places the real shaping of the man both before and after his KGB years. Born in the harsh courtyards of postwar Leningrad, he emerged a cautious operator, shy and unreadable, but with a startling streak of brutality. Working for the city’s famously liberal mayor through the whirlwind of chaos and violence that swept his city and Russia in the early 1990s, he forged lasting bonds with everyone from the new business elite to leading mafia bosses and senior players in the Kremlin. He labelled himself a bureaucrat, not a politician. Avoiding conspicuous consumption and not known for swimming in the oceans of corruption around him, he was at the same time not above buying himself a dissertation towards a Candidate of Sciences degree, whose subject was “Strategic Planning for the Rehabilitation of the Mineral Resources Base in the Leningrad Oblast”. Its true author, according to Short, would later receive “several hundred million dollars’ worth of shares”. Loyalty is a trademark and his friends have done very, very well over the years, as the puritan has spectacularly lost his inhibitions. His subsequent rise was public yet shadowy, a sequence of well-chosen battles engaged when he knew he could win. Who remembers that Putin asked the BBC’s Bridget Kendall to moderate the first of his annual phone-ins to speak to the nation and the world?And then the other side of it, that was very heavy on me because I didn't want to say any of this stuff because anyone who's ever followed me for years, they know that I'm extremely pro-Ukrainian and pro-freedom." I relished reading about the Cold War years and the novels set in Big Brother times. This book is as gripping, if not more on one man's political shrewdness. He is the man who made Trump grovel at Helsinki! Now freed, working as a pro-democracy campaigner in enforced exile, Khodorkovsky brings us the insider's battle to save his country's soul. Offering an urgent analysis of what has gone wrong with Putin, The Russia Conundrum maps the country's rise and fall against Khodorkovsky's own journey, from Soviet youth to international oil executive, powerful insider to political dissident, and now a high-profile voice seeking to reconcile East and West. And the history of where he started is as dramatic as his exploits have been so far. This audible series is not all that detailed, but it gives you a very good introduction of how someone installed as a puppet, can refuse to be one and end up taking the power that was not meant to be his. Some of the anecdotes just show how Putin does indeed live up to the Bond villain persona attributed to him. A gripping and explosive account of Vladimir Putin's tyranny, charting his rise from spy to tsar, exposing the events that led to his invasion of Ukraine and his assault on Europe.

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Loved the narrative - brilliant short episodes and a novice level treatment for world politics. The Ukraine Maidan episode (Green men) and the school shootout episodes were brilliant and you were cheering for him. The use of disinformation to tilt scales and vest power - scary, but true! (You only need to look at Fox news). Loyalty is a trademark and his friends have done very, very well over the years’: Putin speaking at a rally in Moscow, February 2012. Photograph: Yuri Kadobnov/AFP/Getty Images

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I have never quite read about Russian history. It was always a bit of a mystery to me why Russia and US, after fighting on the same side in WW2 proceeded to have this nuclear arms race and cold war with USA. And why is Russia not as developed as US is, and was considered among the developing BRICS economies in 90s and early 2000's. Since then, China has zoomed ahead of course, and while Russia is still considered hugely influential in global politics, they don't have the economic might you might imagine. I did not know snipers shot more than 100 student protestors in the Ukraine in 2014. Little green men, the locals called the soldiers that suddenly appeared in the city. On New Year's Eve 1999, a young Vladimir Putin appeared on Russian TV screens - awkward, self-conscious. . .and the new President. Two decades later, Putin is still in power, standing self-assured and at ease on the world stage. How did a once little known KGB bureaucrat become one of the most dominant figures of 21st-century politics? Misha Gelly makes an interesting observation that Putin has found himself trapped inside the Kremlin- ironically almost like a prisoner of power. Handling unbridled power is something that Putin is adept at doing. His training as a KGB agent has stood him in good stead all through the two decades that he has held the office of the President. Another interesting fact is that Putin has been in power far longer than any other contemporary world leader who have all tried their best to dislodge him from his powerful perch. The result is a step-by-step journey, whose penultimate chapter is a little surprisingly called “The Endgame”, hobbled by being published as the climax approaches, not after the event. Short, let alone history, has not had time to judge the success or failure of the latest horrifying act in Putin’s astonishing drive to make Russia great again.

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