Philanthropy: Associations are concerned about the decline in donations in 2018

In 2018, donations to associations would be a worrying delay because of the new tax (IFI and withholding tax). Devices that do not call into question the tax cuts.
While in France, many associations and foundations rely on the generosity of households to support their projects, the decline in collection is significant by the end of 2018: for example, Apprentis d’Auteuil indicates that the decline in its collection from the general public is 26% behind 2017.
“The year 2018 was a very difficult year for the associative world, explains Stéphane Dauge, director of communication and resources of the foundation. The transition from ISF to IFI, the impact of the CSG on pensioners’ donations, the general public’s concern about withholding tax … have weighed heavily on donations and weakened associations. “
Still as many tax cuts despite the withholding tax
The foundation reminds that “the change to the withholding tax does not in any way call into question the income tax cuts”. On the contrary, from January 2019, taxpayers will benefit from a deposit equal to 60% of the credit and / or the tax reduction of the previous year (reduction and / or tax credit paid in 2018 for expenses committed in 2017).
In other words, a taxpayer who paid € 1,000 in 2017 to one or more organizations of general interest and thus benefited from a tax reduction of € 660 during the year 2018 (66% of the donation limited to 20% of taxable income *), will receive from the tax administration a deposit of 60% of this amount, ie € 396 from January 15, 2019. The remaining 40% (ie € 264) will be credited at the end of summer after receipt the tax notice.
Already in 2017, the Apprentis d’Auteuil Foundation had sounded the alarm about the impact on donations of the removal of ISF and the transition to the IFI. Finally, the tax reduction of 75% of the sums paid (up to a limit of € 50,000 of tax reduction) has been maintained. The fraction of the unused payment that exceeds the ceiling is even transferable to the IR reduction.
Tips for managing your donations
All associations offer advice to answer these tax questions. Like the Little Brothers of the Poor who updated last September his guide for wealth managers with concrete examples. investissement défiscalisant
Thus, it is often more interesting to give live securities than to sell them, to be taxed at 30% on the added value and thus to give only 70% as shown in this example: a household has since June 2007 a portfolio of 100 shares whose value has more than doubled. If they sell their shares worth € 3,000 with a capital gain of € 1,600, it will be taxed at 30% under the PFU. Deduction tax made of this taxation, they will be able to give only 2 520 €. On the other hand, if they give these titles to the association directly without transfer, their tax reduction is greater. comment défiscaliser en immobilier
Carole Mole-Genlis

  • For donations to aid organizations for people in difficulty (restaurants of the heart, Red Cross, etc.), the tax reduction equal to 75% of the payments but is capped in 2017 to 531 € of donations is a reduction maximum tax of 398 €. If the amount paid exceeds this limit, the fraction that exceeds this limit entitles you to the 66% tax reduction and more than 20% of your taxable income, the surplus may be spread over the next five years .

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